Alternative acne treatment that works

Using blue light therapy to get rid of acne

Acne is something that affects almost everyone. It can be an embarrassing condition for many teenagers and even worse for adults who continue to suffer. It can be difficult to discover an effective way to get rid of acne. There are a number of products on the market that claim to lessen acne breakouts. However, it may require different methods besides topical or oral treatment.

Research has revealed that blue light therapy for acne treatment promotes the production of purifying oxygen in the skin. These are powerful molecules that are able to quickly kill bacteria that leads to acne. This leaves the skin more vibrant and clear. Unlike other treatments for acne, this light does not have harmful radiation that damages the skin or dry it out like other topical treatments. There is also no known side effects.

Certain wavelengths promote a response from the body. Blue wavelengths get into the skin and make singlet oxygen which kills bacteria that causes acne. It is beneficial to treat acne vulgaris, which reduces comedones and inflammatory acne. This light therapy is becoming more and more popular in the cosmetic industry as the best and non invasive way to get the skin back to normal and more energized. The results of this treatment may differ according to a person's skin type. Results are not immediate, so patience is needed. However, continuing the application will give better results that last into the long term.

Recently, the FDA has approved a type of blue LED light as an acne treatment. Blue Acne Light Therapy have become one of the most famous acne treatments. They can be done on any part of the body. Throughout treatment, waves of light are delivered through a handheld device that has many LEDs. After being delivered, the energy from the light is taken in by the bacteria that causes inflammation of acne. It releases porphyrins, which occur naturally throughout the body. When these porphyrins take in these waves of light, free radical damage kills the bacteria. Without this bacteria, no inflammation will occur and the acne will clear away. Porphyrins absorb light best in the range of blue waves of light. The light is not the same as the damaging UV rays which harm the skin. It also does not lead to side effects like excessive redness, dryness, or pain.

The Academy of Dermatology has released a report which claims that two 15 minute treatments a week of low intensity blue wavelength light for a for one month will lessen acne by 60% in more than three quarters of patients. Acne stayed away for up to 8 months.

The British Journal Of Dermatology has stated that blue light therapy used to treat mild to moderate acne was studied. After three months of 15 minute daily treatments, patients showed a 76% improvement in inflammation from acne. Patients and doctors prefer using blue light to treat acne and feel that they work better than many other forms of treatment. It has proven to be a safe and effective treatment for many of those individuals who want clearer skin.