Blue light therapy treatment for acne has been used by many people who are looking for effective ways to treat the outbreak of spots and blemishes that have appeared on the face and neck.

Light therapy treatment has been used to cure the symptoms of SAD. This type of treatment can be done in your own home and this is one of the reasons to get a portable light therapy box. Further research has also found that this type of treatment can also have a positive effect on certain skin care treatment.

There are lots of acne creams and lotions that could be used but the use of light therapy is also popular. Here are the benefits of using blue light therapy.

  • There are no drugs involved in blue light therapy

  • There are no bad side effects from light treatment

  • Light therapy treatment stimulates collagen production

There Are No Drugs Involved In Blue Light Therapy

This treatment does not involve the use of any drugs whatsoever. A lot of people are seeking alternative methods to treat acne and this is one that works. Acne is caused by a bacterial infection and a session of light therapy works to kill the harmful bacteria. It is necessary to go along to a dermatologist for a consultation. They will be able to evaluate your specific skin condition and skin type then recommend a course of treatment that will be suitable and successful for you. They will be able to discuss in detail if blue light therapy is right for you and if it is, you should see a difference after a few sessions.

There Are No Bad Side Effects From Light Treatment

Blue light therapy for skin care uses a LED (light emitting diode) box which simulates real sunlight without the harmful UV rays. A filter is added so that the correct spectrum of light is used to treat the acne. There are no drugs or external ingredients involved so you will not experience any side effects. Some people may feel that their skin is a little dry but this would be the same if they were exposed to real sunlight. A dab of a rich moisturising cream will soon solve that problem.

Light Therapy Treatment Stimulates Collagen Production

The light therapy increases the speed of collagen production in the skin. Collagen gives the skin its elasticity and aids in skin regeneration. This is a great thing for people with acne as the light encourages the speedy repair of the affected skin so that you will be left with an acne free complexion.

If you are interested in blue light therapy for acne, find out as much as you can. Seek out a dermatologist in your area to find out if this type of treatment is suitable for you.