Electronic cards like Blue Mountain eCards can be received in less than a minute. What's more, Blue Mountain eCards have a wide array of choices in terms of the design and theme. Forget about sending a card to somebody through snail mail - it is so outdated. Say goodbye to stamp licking and the long waiting period for the mail to be delivered to the recipient, because in this day and age (a big thanks to modern technology), the most convenient way to send business greeting cards, corporate greeting cards, or anything of that sort is through email.

Blue Mountain eCards – An Overview

The BlueMountain website has a membership that provides members an access to an assortment of Blue Mountain eCards for any event or occasion. Also, they have services which let you make an electronic card online and then print it afterward. This is really fantastic in case you wish to make the most of the versatility of making Blue Mountain eCards and giving you the option to print it so you can give it to the recipient who has no email address. Furthermore, an additional service which is added when you become a member is the desktop calendar that works in an interactive manner. It can be employed to key in all the dates that are important to you such as wedding anniversary or birthdays of friends and family members. The desktop calendar is a tool that gives a cue on your desktop derived from the info you have provided, like the number of days prior the exact date of the occasion you wish to be reminded, and a lot more. This way, you are sure that the Blue Mountain eCards that you are about to send in a few days are guaranteed to be delivered to the recipient on the dot.

It has several categories for Blue Mountain eCards such as the following: Add-a-Photo, Anniversary, Artists Gallery, Awareness and Activism, Baby, Birthday, Collections, Congratulations, Encourage and Support, Family, Friendship, Green Greetings, Holidays, International, Invitations and Announcements, Just Because, Kids, Love (Romantic birthday eCard, etc.), Nickelodeon, On This Date…, Pets, Poetry, Religion, Singing and Musical Blue Mountain eCards, Stay in Touch, Talking Blue Mountain eCards, Thank You, Wedding and Engagement, Workplace (business greeting cards, corporate greeting cards, etc.). You will find at Blue Mountain also great funny birthday eCards.

Blue Mountain eCards – Packages

What is good about the packages when you become a member and utilize the Blue Mountain eCards is the flexibility in such a way that members have the option to pick out what specific aspect they want to make use of.

For those who frequently give cards that need to be printed can choose the membership package called Create & Print, whereas those who frequently send out cards through email can choose E-card package so they can make use of the Blue Mountain eCards as often as they want to.

Blue Mountain is an American Greetings affiliate. American Greetings is a public establishment that started in the year 1906, having $1.7 billion in combined profits (after deduction) for 2006. The Blue Mountain website has numerous Blue Mountain eCards that people can use for free, even without the need for a membership sign up. However, the product's numerous benefits as well as the huge variety of electronic cards for every event like a romantic birthday eCard or business greeting cards are accessible to members only.

There are 3 types of packages available and you pay /year:

· Best Value Membership Package ( Blue Mountain eCards + Create & Print)

· Create & Print Membership Package

· Blue Mountain eCards Membership

Blue Mountain gives people a chance to try their Blue Mountain eCards and other products and services and offers a trial period every now and then wherein customers sign up in order to subscribe and experience all the wonderful subscription benefits being offered. When you register for their trial period and then cancel within that period, all the payment info you have provided won't be charged; otherwise, the company will bill your credit card automatically. Note that the trial fees will not be refunded to you.

Blue Mountain eCards – Becoming a Member

The company has a convenient and secure payment option called Bill Me Later in which people can purchase online and then pay for them after a while. It is not like the other payment alternatives in a way that an existing account is not necessary; there is no card connected to it; and it has no credit limit. They will do a credit check so your order will be processed. It is offered via WebBank, located in Salt Lake City, UT.

Some of the projects available to Create & Print are: Greeting Cards, Announcements, Bookmarks, Brochures, Business Cards, Certificates, Envelopes, Gift Tags, Invitations, Labels, Lists, Newsletters, Notes, Package Decorations, Postcards, Posters, Scrapbooks, Stationery, Stickers.

Plug-in downloading and website navigation will not be a problem. The website, in fact, is an excellent source of information covering all aspects you may be interested in. For particular queries, you can simply use their mail and email contact methods provided by their parent company, American Greetings.

Everything is made simple with Blue Mountains eCards. It looks like the company's main target is young purchasers because of the website's "deliberately cute" appearance. Founded on what is presented, it provides a fine value for its yearly membership cost if you feel that their services are really useful.

One thing that makes this website different from the rest is the accessibility of electronic cards that people can send. If you are in search of a romantic birthday eCard or corporate greeting cards, you will find it in the website. Overall, the Blue Mountain eCards as well as the other services give you the top value for what you have paid.

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