Building a dream home in Blue Ridge, GA has many challenges.

There really is nothing quite like waking up in the morning and smelling the aroma of freshly brewed coffee inside of a log home. It’s one of those little things that stay with you for the rest of your life, like the first time you smell a large body of water as you get closer and closer to it. They say that the sense of smell is strongly tied to your memories, and I believe that is true.

Thinking about coming back to Blue Ridge, Georgia and staying in an authentic Blue Ridge log home brought me back to all of the great times I had there some years back. The sharp, comforting smell of the hand built knotted pine structuring. The morning dew sparkling in the gleaming sun, as the mists rose above the trees and disappeared into the sky. Indeed, the simple beauty of nature in all of its glory is rather breathtaking. If you wake up early enough, you can even watch the wild animals searching for their first bite of breakfast deep in the forests that surround the area.

The scenery that is becoming more and more prevalent in Fannin County is simply stunning, and one of the many reasons why I’ve considered purchasing my first Blue Ridge log cabin for vacation purposes. Sometimes you just need to escape to a place where you know that securing a Wi-Fi connection is next to impossible, and where your cell phone receives no reception.

It’s been a dream of mine to build my own Blue Ridge log home for some time now, and I’m finally getting around to contacting builders in the area to help me make my dream come true. While I could go all out and install amenities like a pricey hot tub, stone accented fireplace or custom shower, I’ve been thinking of keeping it simple. One bedroom, a good metal roofing job, an easily accessible driveway and some running water is really all that I want. The point (for me at least) is to escape, and to allow the simplicity of nature to bring me back to a purer way of living, if only for a long weekend.

What I love about the area is that while most of the Blue Ridge log homes are in fact located in the mountains, many are within driving distance to a whole host of fun things to do if you’re looking to go to town. Downtown Blue Ridge is a legitimate tourist attraction, with really great restaurants that buy local and use fresh ingredients in their dishes. A goal of mine is to learn how to fly fish so that maybe I can catch my own dinner, but until that happens I’m all about eating in town. There’s a lot of shopping options also, from quaint antique stores to high-end spots that sell name brands.  I like checking out the handmade arts and crafts when I visit for the simple reason of purchasing a keepsake to bring back to my loft with me. If nothing else, it helps bring me back to where I really want to be in my imagination.

I can remember my first trip to the mountains. It was a spur of the moment decision that I made after an incredibly taxing week at work. It started as a simple road trip and ended up being a truly eye-opening experience at the end of my trip. I had to stop several times and ask where I was and how to make it to my Blue Ridge log cabin. The locals were beyond nice in most cases and pointed me in the right direction, but alas I eventually found myself lost yet again.

Dusk was rapidly approaching, and as I was standing on the edge of a dirt road that lead further and further back into the increasingly ominous looking woods, a man in a pickup truck approached me. After explaining my dilemma to him, the man actually let me follow him to where my little piece of rented Blue Ridge property was located. After asking if he lived close by, he responded by saying that he didn’t, but noticed that I needed help. It was a simple answer, and one that made me ponder what I would have done if I had been the one driving alone and saw a befuddled man standing in the middle of the road. Let’s just say that I did some thinking about how I had been doing things in my life up to that point after I arrived safe and sound.

As I write this now, I can hear my cell phone buzzing in the other room. I don’t want to answer it. I don’t want to see who it was, or even to find out if it’s a phone call or an email. It’s the simplicity of my own hidden gem up in the mountains that calls to me in my mind, and unlike the call I just missed in the other room, it’s a call that I’m going to answer as soon as I can.