Blue Roses Make a Stunning Impact

Blue RosesIf you’ve ever seen blue roses in a display, you’ve seen something unusual and stunning. You’ve also seen something that is artificial, though that doesn’t really matter where floral displays are concerned.

Blue is an unusual color in the plant kingdom. The plants that can produce truly blue flowers are few and far between. Most varieties of plants that are advertised as producing blue flowers or foliage are usually just a bluish shade of green or purple.

Roses do come in many different shades and colors – pink, red, lavender, yellow, orange, peach, coral, and white are the most common. Roses, though, aren’t capable of producing blue flowers.

What is a Blue Rose?

When you buy a blue rose you are actually getting a white rose that has been carefully dyed blue by a trained florist. It is not a difficult process, but for a perfect job that produces a realistic looking blue rose it does take a knowledgeable and experienced florist to get it just right.

Blue roses are usually used in circumstances where blue is needed for a floral display, such as for a high school parade float, or a patriotic flower arrangement. Roses are ideal for these types of situations. They respond well to dying and look spectacular when finished.

Traditionally, rose colors have held symbolic meanings. The red rose symbolizes love, for example. Peach represents appreciation and yellow symbolizes joy or friendship.

Blue roses, when used in a bouquet, symbolize the unattainable or the impossible; a fitting meaning to assign to an impossible color for a rose.

Using Blue Roses in Arrangements

Blue and White Rose ArrangementBecause blue doesn’t occur in roses naturally you won’t be able to find a blue flowering rose plant to grow in your yard. You can still enjoy this stunning color in your flower arrangements, though. Just about any reputable florist can provide you with them.

When choosing blue roses, consider these points:

1) The original flower. Most are made by dying or tinting a white rose. Choose the white rose first. Make sure you have the style of flower you want.

2) If possible, get a sample of the finished product before putting in a large order of dyed roses. Sometimes a rose will look great as a white rose, but less so when blue.

3) Listen to your florist’s advice. They want you to be happy, and they have experience. You are probably not the first person to order blue roses from them, so they should know what works and what doesn’t.

4) Consider what kind of dying you want to have done. Do you want pure blue, frosted blue, just a tint of blue on the edges? Again, you may want to experiment a little with this one.

Blue roses with leaves5) Don’t order an entire bouquet of just blue roses unless you need them for a specific purpose. Blue works best when mixed with another color. For example, sprinkling a few blue flowers amongst a bouquet of white, or white and pink roses, will probably be a better way to go.

If you do go with a pure blue bouquet, you may want to add something to mix in. Baby’s breath works well. Sometimes, just including some of the green leaves will do the trick.

Blue roses can make a fun and unique floral display for any occasion. Try some out the next time you are at the florist. You’ll probably discover a new favorite!