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Blue roses don't naturally occur in nature...

Does the blue rose symbolize your personality?

Everyone loves luxury of gazing upon flowers once in a while. Why not let it be the perfect rose of blue hue?

Unfortunately, blue roses are the more "outspoken" of the rose color rainbow. Blue is a popular color, and many have found ways to alter roses to blue with dye, since you can't find them in nature. But, there are several other colors of roses who seem to dominate the market with their hue, making them No. 1 in global popularity. Red roses are no doubt the main power house flower that symbolizes love, passion, and romance. Next in line would be the beautiful white rose, which symbolizes true love, strong bonds (this is why they are very popular for weddings), and innocence. So where does this leave our highly sought after blue roses? Keep reading and we'll delve a bit deeper into the blue rose meaning.

First, we'll break the two apart and analyze "blue" and "rose" separately. Each part have their own specific background meanings and interpretations. This way we'll be able to really get into detail.

Rose Symbolism:


Roses often represent a strong internal balance between the heart and mind. Some people may be on one extreme or the other. For example, if you completely "follow your heart" especially in a love type relationship, you may be accused by others for being "blinded by love" and not thinking things over logically. As for totally conforming to your mind's logic without considering emotions, others may call you "cold and calculating." If you are a person who balances out ideas equally with your mind and your heart, you may be closer to being considered a "rose person." Not many people can do what you do. Aside from that, in several cultural mythologies, rose branches were used to prevent the dead from rising from their coffins. There's a tip for you when the Zombie apocalypse decides to happen!

Passion and Love

Sometimes it is hard these days to find a truly loving person. If you have often experienced people telling you how much they admire and appreciate your loving and caring demeanor, you are even closer to being a "rose person." Giving and being supportive of those you care about come naturally to you and you do it in abundance. You have the ability to capture people with your charming and inviting personality that signals to them that you are sincere and care about their best interest. Maybe this was why it was once believed that if you used rose petals as a main ingredient in your love potion, it will make it all the more powerful. But don't worry, if you are a rose person, you won't ever need a love potion. Some of us "other flower people" might though...

Now let's move on to what the color blue symbolizes:

Okay, let's say you lost your credit card while out shopping during the weekend. Do you think you would:

a) Freak out and go emotionally ballistic right then and there

b) Calm down briefly and begin to plan out some solutions

If you picked option "a," your personality color is most likely not blue. Blue people are calming and logical. They are the ones who wait until all the loud speaking people are done firing their comments and speak words of wisdom. Blue personality types give off a strong sense of maturity and often mystery that leaves you wondering "Where do they get that cool aura from?" Blue personality type people often have the confidence to learn and do what they feel in a very logical and professional way. Although some blue people may be considered introverts, it is definitely a wise choice to have one on your side. They are very loyal and will be of great aid to you when it comes to researching and gaining knowledge.

So, in conclusion the blue rose meaning would be summed up with adjectives like "intelligent, uncommon, mysterious, calming, captivating, and entrancing."

Do you feel that you or someone you know might be a blue rose person? Consider brightening their day by presenting them beautiful blue roses.

Power to blue rose people!!!