Blueair 403 & 450E Comparison Review

Are you trying to workout the differences between the Blueair 403 Vs 450E & ultimately from that which is best to get? Let me save you the hassle & do all that boring stuff for you, here you will see a complete breakdown comparison -- with two reviews of each, pinpointing their key features & specifications and then a concluding section which highlights the differences between them and ultimately which HEPA air purification system you should get.

Blueair 403 Overview

The Blueair 403 uses HEPASilent technology which is an exclusive Blueair system known for very effective & efficient air purification.

Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air-Purification System
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(price as of Jun 15, 2014)

Aspects and Features

The HEPASilent technology incorporated in the air purifier works by combining mechanical filtration as well as electrostatic filtration to clean the air thoroughly. It is estimated that 99.97% of impurities during 0.1 microns or more are caught by the system. It is one of the most effective technologies that are used in air purifiers.

It has a very sleek design which has won many awards. The unit is made of steel making it very durable as well as sturdy. You can use this unit to cover an area of up to 370 square feet and get purified air. When you switch it on you will notice that the machine is whisper quiet. In fact when you use the lowest setting it does not make more sound than an ordinary desktop computer. It immediately draws in the air from all the sides and cleans it thoroughly before releasing it into the room.

The 403 consumes less energy due to its efficient filtration system and is Energy Star rated, saving money in the long run. It is very environment friendly and offers excellent performance without polluting the environment unlike other air purifiers. The filters are made with safe polypropylene material that is also non-toxic. These filters do not get contaminated with bacteria or viruses.

The Blueair 403 is also ozone free unlike other air purifiers in the same range. It is also CARB certified. With regards to specifications the unit measures 11 x 20 x 23 inches and weighs 42.5 pounds.

Blueair 450E Overview

The Blueair 450E uses the famous HEPASilent filtration system to purify air. This system is a patented Blueair technology that provides purified air of the best quality. 

Blueair 450E HepaSilent Digital Air-Purification System
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(price as of Jun 15, 2014)

Aspects and features

The 450E uses HEPA Silent technology for effective air cleaning and captures 99.97% of dust particles with a combination of mechanical and electrostatic filtration. The technology used in the machine ensures a very quiet operation and is more silent then other air purifiers in the same range. It has very low density filters which can clean much larger volumes of air than others. You can use the 450 to clean air within an area of 365 square feet.

It also has a digital display with shows the amount of particles that are be detected as well as the speed and timer. A handy remote control makes it easy to operate as per your convenience. An automatic mode sets the fan speed according to the quality of air inside the room.

The 450E uses much less power than other purifiers and is Energy Star rated. In fact, it uses less power than 60W light bulb. It is also very environment friendly and uses biodegradable filters.

The unit is made of steel and is very easy to clean and is also very durable. The filter can be replaced very easily by lifting the lid and replacing the old filter with a new one. There is no need to use any tools to replace the filter.

It measures 11 x 20 x 23 inches and has a weight of 39 pounds. You'll also get a remote control along with your purchase.

What is the Difference Between the Blueair 403 and 450E?

Both the 403 and the 450E use the extremely effective HEPASilent particle filter technology which cleans air extremely well. The four-speed and controls in both units make them very easy to adjust as per your convenience. They are highly rated with an Energy Star certification and are also environmentally friendly. They do a good job of clearing smoke, dust and pollen in an area of 365 to 370 square feet. 

While the 450E comes with a remote control which makes it even more convenient to operate it you do not get a remote control with the 403. The 403 also does not have air quality sensors which are present in the 450E. Moreover you can switch on the automatic mode in the 450E while the 403 runs only in manual mode. The 450E also has a filter replacement indicator which is absent in the 403.