Blueair 450E & 650E Comparison Review

Are you interested in either the Blueair 450E or 650E air purifier system, however are a bit unsure on the differences between them? Well, this comparison overview -- Blueair 450E Vs 650E -- will be able to help you, below I have provided a brief review of both, so you know what they will have to offer you and then gone on with a concluding section to highlight the key differences between them & ultimately which is the best model for you to invest in.

Blueair 450E Overiew

The Blueair 450E uses HEPA Silent filtration system which cleans air very effectively. The HEPA Silent system is known as Blueair's patented technology.

Blueair 450E HepaSilent Digital Air-Purification System
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(price as of Nov 9, 2015)

Aspects and Features

The HEPA Silent technology that the 450E uses purifies the air by capturing 99.97% of dust particles using a combination of mechanical and electrostatic filtration. The unit is extremely quiet and is much quieter than other air purifiers the same range. The unit comes with low density filters that can clean very large volume of air, and is capable of cleaning a within an area of 365 square feet.

The 450E comes with a digital display showing the amount of particles that have been detected along with the speed, and a timer. You will also get a remote control which makes it easy to operate the machine according to your convenience. It also has an automatic mode with which you can setup the fan speed as per the air quality inside the room.

Being highly energy efficient it uses less power than other purifiers and comes with an Energy Star rating. It uses much less power than even 60 W light bulbs. The filters used in the machine are biodegradable making it environment friendly.

Cleaning the 450E is very easy as the construction comprises of steel. Replacing the filter is also very easy and can be done by lifting the lid and replacing the old filter with a new one. You do not have to use any tools while replacing the filter.

Other Specifications

The unit measures 11 x 20 x 23 inches and has a weight of 39 pounds. You'll also get a remote control along with your purchase.

Blueair 650E Overview

The 650E uses the HEPA Silent technology which is Blueair's patented technology that is used in its air purifiers.

Blueair 650E Digital HEPASilent Air Purifier
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(price as of Nov 9, 2015)

Aspects and features

The 650E can be used for a purifying air covering an area of 698 square feet with a change of air five times per hour. The unit has an impressive award winning design and looks very attractive. The machine is capable of trapping 99.97% of impurities up to 0.1 microns. It uses the famous HEPASilent technology as well as an internal ionizer to clean the air in the room of all impurities.

The 650E is also environment friendly with a zero ozone emission. It is very quiet during operation and at the lowest speed you may not even realize that the machine is running. The minimum sound that it emits is 32 dB and the maximum is 60 dB. For your convenience it comes with 4 fan speeds so that you can adjust the drafts of air.

The air purifier pulls in air through the bottom and sides and after thorough cleaning pushes the air out from the top and sides. It is environment friendly and has a high Energy Star rating. Being made out of galvanized steel with a powder coating, it makes it very easy to clean. An indicator lights up when the time comes for you to replace the filter with a new one.

Other specifications

It has dimensions of 15.5 x 23 x 28 inches with a weight of 43.2 pounds. It comes with castors at the bottom which makes it easy for you to move it from one room to the other.

What is the Difference Between the Blueair 650E and 450E?

Both machines have some excellent features in common including in the HEPASilent technology which is used to clean air. They are known to be environment friendly and have a zero ozone emission. Both are very quiet machines with a very low decibel output. They are highly rated with a good Energy Star rating. It is extremely easy to clean both machines since they are made of steel, and they are also very durable and long-lasting.

While the 450E purifies the air within an area of 365 square feet the 650E can clean air within 698 square feet. Hence you can use the 650E for larger rooms while the 450E can be used in small rooms. It is also larger in size than the 450E but has castors at the bottom so that you can move it from one place to the other easily. When it is time to replace the filter in the 650E, an indicator will light up.