Blueair 503 & 555EB Comparison Review

Are you thinking of investing in an Blueair purifier, particularly either the 503 or 555EB model, however are unsure which one to get? If so this comparison guide of the 503 Vs 555EB will be able to help you out, through pin pointing the main features of both models -- through individual brief reviews and then a concluding section highlighting the main differences between the two and ultimately which is the best one for you to go for.

Blueair 503 Overview

The 503 uses Blueair's advanced technology with which it makes its well-known air purifiers. The system used in the 503 is known as HEPASilent filtration technology.

Blueair 503 HepaSilent Air-Purification System
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(price as of Jun 15, 2014)

Aspects and features

The 503 can cover an area of 580 square feet and can easily provide clean air within that area. It is known to have a very good Clean Air Delivery Rate and is also certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. The HEPASilent filtration technology enhances air filtration along with an ion- particle charging chamber. This technology is far superior to electrostatic or mechanical technology which is used in other air purifiers in the same range.

It has a sleek design and goes well with various kinds of decor. In fact it is the recipient of the Excellent Swedish Design Award which is given to the best design in various product ranges. It is very sturdy being made out of galvanized steel and has recyclable filter media. When you switch it on you will be pleasantly surprised to observe how quiet it is and you may not even realize that it is on. 

Blueair units are very environment friendly and use the least harmful plastics resulting in a zero ozone production. It is energy Star certified and has a CADR rating of 375 for dust, pollen and smoke.

Other specifications

The unit measures 13 x 20x 26 inches and weighs 42.6 pounds. Although the unit is a bit heavy to carry you can move it easily with the help of castors at the bottom of the machine.

Blueair 555EB Overview

The 555EB uses the advanced HEPASilent technology which is not to be the most advanced purifying system used in air purifiers.

Blueair HEPASilent 555EB Air Purifier with Bonus Filter
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(price as of Jun 15, 2014)

Aspects and Features

The advanced technology that the machine uses enables it to purifying the air in your room thoroughly with a system of continuous monitoring and cleaning. The advanced filter removes 99.97% of unwanted material including dust, smoke, pollen and other organic compounds.

The unit can cover an area up to 605 square feet easily. The 555 EB is also Energy Star certified and is very environment friendly. It consumes less energy and will save you money in the long run. It is also very quiet and is one of the most silent machines in its range. Since it has a powder coated exterior it is very easy to clean and the filters do not need any additional washing.

It also has a very high Clean Air Delivery Rate, one of the highest as compared to other air purifiers in the same range.

Other Specifications

The machine weighs 40 pounds and has dimensions of 26 inches in height and 13 inches in length. It is made out of galvanized steel and is very durable and study. You?ll also get a remote control with which you can operate it easily and it also comes with replaceable filters.

What are the Differences Between Blueair 555EB and 503?

Both the air purifiers have excellent features which make them the most sought after air purifiers. The HEPASilent technology ensures the highest level of filtration and the machines are very quiet and also save a lot of energy for you. The minimum sound decibel levels are 32 on both machines while the highest is 66 dB on high setting which is just about the same as the volume of normal conversation in a room.

The galvanized steel material used in the air purifiers make it very sturdy and durable, ensuring that it has a long life. Moreover the units have a powder coating which makes it easy to clean. The filters are made of polypropylene which prevents shedding of fiber.

Both look very attractive and have a sleek design. If you want move them around they have castors under them which makes them mobile and you can move them from one room to the other. 

Although the 555 EB seems to be an upgraded model similar to the 503, there are some differences between the two air purifiers. While the 555 EB covers an area of 605 square feet the 503 covers are less area at 580 square feet. When you purchase the 555 EB you?ll also get an extra HEPA filter.