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Bluebonnet festivals crop up, in little towns, all over the Texas countryside during April. The bluebonnet is the Texas state flower and celebrations in its honor have been held for over 100 years. This beautiful flower can be seen dotting the Texas highways and byways, in a wildflower extravaganza.

Legend has it that one child's sacrifice, long ago, is the reason for the abundant growth of the bluebonnet. Comanche legend holds that a most prized possession was surrendered for the well-being of the tribe. During a drought one lonely little girl changed the lives of many. Her gift to the Great Spirit, returned rain, and everywhere a drop hit the ground a bluebonnet grew.

Bluebonnets In TexasA Bluebonnet Festival is held every year in Ennis, Texas. The Ennis Garden Club sponsors the event and provides maps for self guided tours. Over 40 miles of Bluebonnet Trails exist, in and around, Ellis County, Texas. These trails are the oldest known trails in the state and attract over 100,000 people during the weekends of April. The actual Bluebonnet Festival is a weekend long event that happens during the third weekend of April depending upon the conditions of the flower's. Bluebonnets are native flowers and weather conditions determine when the flower will be in full bloom.

The Bluebonnet Festival in Ennis, Texas is a display of fine arts and crafts. Vendors rent booths to sell homemade jewelry, candles, clothing, and original paintings and pictures, most of which has a bluebonnet theme. Live music is played during the event by local musicians. Children enjoy games, and activities like: cake walks, coloring contests, a bounce house and face paintings.

Field of BluebonnetsTaking a tour of the Bluebonnet Fields is a tradition in many Texas families. For many years children have been dressed in their finest clothes and pose for spectacular pictures among the bluebonnets. Families enjoy picnics and leisurely strolls, after the photo shoots, in Bluebonnet Park.

Ennis, Texas is not the only place to find Bluebonnet Festivals. Chappel Hill, Texas lays claim to being the "Only Official Bluebonnet Festival in Texas." Chappel Hill is a small Texas town in Washington County with a lot of Texas Pride. The Bluebonnet Festival held in Chappel Hill is a town-wide event.

Barrel Train Chappel Hill TexasTexans from, in and around, the Houston area make their way up highway 290 to see the extravagant bluebonnet displays. Bluebonnet seeds have been sown by the Texas Highway Department to encourage growth of the flower along the scenic route.

During the Bluebonnet Festival weekend folks who travel to Chappel Hill need to be in the exit lane of the highway long before it is time to exit. It is common to experience slow moving traffic as so many tourists travel through the area to see the best bluebonnet blossoms.

Bluebonnet ToursLike the festival in Ennis, Texas the Chappel Hill Bluebonnet Festival host's many activities. 250 vendors set-up everyday during the festival to sale bluebonnet souvenirs,and one-of-a-kind Texas originals. Local acts perform in the streets and entertain with singing and dancing. Children enjoy the barrel train , cotton candy and other treats, as well as the carnival atmosphere. A special petting zoo, and pony ride exhibit is a favorite among many visitors.

The little town of only 600 in population is big on hospitality. During the Bluebonnet Festival the town will grow to more than 10 times its size. Texans from out-of-town are welcomed with open arms to Chappel Hill. Many visitors enjoy tours of the towns historical sites; 25 historical sites can be seen in and around town.

Bluebonnet Pictures with ChildrenAn Urban legend surrounds the state flower of Texas. It has long been rumored to be illegal to pick a bluebonnet. This isn't true, and most Texans know it, although pride in the state and flower keep them safely growing in the ground. Many Texans, seed their yards with bluebonnet seeds every year to cultivate their own personal display of the flowers. Don't forget to mark your calendars and visit a local Bluebonnet Festival near you.