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Free Credits that Aren't Really Free

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As a beginning blogger and webmaster I went on the search for the perfect web host and found that there is no such thing. I ran into problem after problem with customer support services who didn't speak English, random down times and hidden fees. I signed up for one host only to find out that they couldn't do the basic things that I needed. Since hosting contracts are usually for a year, this meant that I spent a lot of time being frustrated and focusing on my web host instead of building my web site. I eventually signed up with bluehost; it was the third hosting company that I tried. They do have some hidden tricks to them so here is my bluehost review.

There are several things that I found at bluehost that I didn't get at my previous hosts. I had the ability to host multiple domain names for no extra charge. This was especially important because I never came close to using my space allotment, but I wanted to start several blogs. I also really loved that wordpress was easy to install and that bluehost provides fantastico. It cut down my wordpress upgrade times from taking me all day to just a few minutes. The downside to fantastico is that it takes awhile for the latest updates to become available which can create a security risk.

Most hosting companies throw in a lot of freebies, and bluehost is exactly the same. They'll give you a free domain name, but it's only free for as long as you host with them. Bluehost also includes the standard credits for Yahoo and Google. However, in order to get the free credits you'll have to spend a certain amount on google adwords. It's a good deal if you were already going to use the services, but it's not free. They also throw in some free web builders and templates but they are so limited that while they are easy to use, may be useless for customization and seo purposes.

Overall, bluehost fit within my budget and skill level. I know that they provide unlimited hosting space for new customers, but I've never needed more than the space that I signed up with years ago. For a webhost they aren't bad. I'm sure there will be problems with any host out there but so far it's been a good experience for me, especially compared to my previous hosting services. I think I've only had my sites go down twice and then it was for less than five minutes before everything was back up and running. I can't vouch for their customer service because everything has run so smoothly that I've never needed to contact them.

In Closing