The ever changing technology of audio devices like Mp3 players, Iphones, and mobile PSPs have made audio more accessible than ever. Today most people prefer to listen to a large variety of different tunes and it is very important for them to have it in an organized and simple way that can easily be brought along with travels. For many people the simplest way to make this work is to stream audio from your phone or car onto a device like a Bluetooth audio receiver.

Most new Ford products like the Ford Focus and Ford Escape have Bluetooth audio devices built into the vehicle. For this technology, Ford has worked together with Microsoft to create a device that automatically syncs with any kind of registered Bluetooth device that enters the car once it has been started.

Before Bluetooth technology was developed, people had to could only get a truly mobile music through listening to the radio or having personally bringing their own collection. Most transmitters at the time used AM or FM frequencies and had to be plugged into the Mp3 player or other audio device. The quality of most of these frequencies was not very good and would often fluctuate depending on what frequency the transmitter could work on.

Today, Bluetooth software has been built into over 95% of all new mobile phones. It works perfectly to transfer music to car speakers and can then be shared on your IPod or laptop. With the Synch product from Ford you will also be able to stream the music from your phone to the speakers of your car.

Having phone conversations in the car is also made much easier by a car Bluetooth audio receiver especially if you are the driver. Holding a phone can be extremely dangerous while driving and in many countries it is illegal to do so. In addition you may also want to get Hands Free dialing capabilities because in many states it is a legal prerequisite for drivers making phone calls.

These receivers are not only small and convenient to use, but they are also good for you neck posture. While trying to drive and hold a phone you often find yourself hugging it with your neck which can cause severe cramping. But with the receiver you can comfortably wear it wherever you go whether you are shopping, driving, or working. These devices are also quite cheap and can be afforded by virtually anyone. However, your phone will need to support Bluetooth in order for it to work properly, but almost all new phones have this capability.