A Bluetooth gaming mouse is an alternative to a wireless mouse for laptop gaming. Usually one would do well with a wireless mouse. Razer has however made a mice that is cheaper than their Mamba wireless mouse, and it is called the Orochi and works on Bluetooth cordless mode.

Orochi refers to an 8 headed snake in Japanese folklore. This follows the razer trend of naming their mice after snakes and related animals.

The good thing about the difference between Bluetooth mode is that it is supported by a lot more portable devices. There is however a slight but very noticeable lag time if you start moving the mouse around at high speeds in its detached mode. There are also a few problems with batteries and the tendency of the mouse to go into sleep mode far too frequently.

One good thing is that if you're coupling it with a laptop, you don't have to worry about it sapping battery from your laptop's limited battery life. It sports a rather high sensitivity even in wireless mode, clocking up to 2000 dpi. It also has on the fly sensitivity change and on board memory.

It works well when it is in its wired form. It is a tiny mouse and looks very compact. Its bottom half where you see the laser scope is actually rather well designed. It is also surprisingly comfortable for both grips despite its small size. But of course your mileage may vary. When connected, it acts pretty much like a normal razer gaming mouse.

And compared to many other computer gaming mouse, the design is such that it looks good. It looks to be comfortable even for lefthanders.

On the whole the slight bump in the price is a bit extra to pay for the bonus of taking the wire out occasionally. But some may dislike the use of two AA batteries, as it leads to one needing to go out and buy new batteries every time.