A few years back, audiophiles became excited when wireless headphones were introduced. Just think, no more being limited to the ten foot radius that most wired headphones required. However, using radio waves to transmit music proved to have its limitations. Other products using similar technology such as portable phones would cause interference when both were used simultaneously. Not to mention the fact that these headphones were notorious power hogs. Well, like all things electronic, something new and better comes along shortly to take the place of the previous item and the latest trend in wireless technology are bluetooth headphones.

Bluetooth headphones only disadvantage when compared to previous wireless headphone technology appears to be somewhat more limited range. Bluetooth technology allows for a transmission range of approximately 100 meters or 33 feet. However, the advantages more than make up for this downside. Bluetooth consumes very little power thus allowing many hours of enjoyment without the need to be recharges after minimal use.

Bluetooth headphones can also be used with multiple devices. The older wireless headphones could only be used with say the stereo system that had an attached transmitter. Modern bluetooth headsets can be paired with all kinds of devices such as gaming systems, computers, PDAs, ipods, mp3 players, and of course the obvious, mobile phones. We had all wondered why a person was talking to themselves only to later discover the ear bud in their ear that is paired to their cell phone.

Bluetooth technology also has found a cure for the interference that plagued the preceding technology. When wireless bluetooth headphones are paired with a device, they only receive the signal from that device. For instance, high quality audio is transmitted between the headphones and a mp3 player through the protocol known as Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. Other protocols allow for the pairing of bluetooth capable devices with cell phones thus allowing for the making and receiving of phone calls.

One of the most popular uses of bluetooth headphones today is computer gaming. These headphones combined with a wireless microphone using the same technology allow the computer gamer to communicate with the gaming system and also with other gamers through the Internet. This allows hands free communication that permits the free use of game controllers and again allows for free movement around the room being utilized.

As more and more devices are purchased on the electronic market today, it appears that bluetooth headphones will continue to grow in both use and popularity. That is, of course, until the next latest and greatest device comes along to send the bluetooth headphone the way of the eight track tape player.