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Any avid motorcycle rider can tell you that while long distance riding can be fun, it does have its downsides too! Lack of communication and boredom on the road are a couple of the big issues. Fortunately, technology has caught up and offers some relief in the form of bluetooth headsets for motorcycle helmets.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headsets allow a rider access to a number of communication and interface options they didn't have in the past. Using this technology lets a rider talk, listen and be entertained while on the road, in a completely safe way. 

This article is all about bluetooth motorcycle headsets and the ways you can use them to improve the quality and safety of your ride. We'll talk about the technology and how it works, and how bluetooth headsets for motorcycle helmets will let you communicate with lots of devices. We'll touch on brand and price too.

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Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Headsets for Motorcycle Helmets

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Bluetooth technology is unique in a number of ways, and very well suited to motorcycle usage. It has a bunch of advantages that we'll talk about here.


Bluetooth headsets for motorcycle helmets are fantastic because they don't suffer from the same reception issues that older FM or other radio headsets do. The air around us is constantly bombarded with different radio signals, and that can lead to interference and fuzzy signal quality. Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headsets benefit from a weaker signal strength. While you'd think this would diminish quality, it actually means there's less interference and therefore better sound quality.

Another advantage of bluetooth headseats for motorcycle helmets is that they aren't impeded by 'line of sight' barriers. This means that it can communicate with other devices easily, even if there's stuff in the way (provided it's well within range).

Low Power Consumption:

Bluetooth headsets for motorcycle helmets draw much less power than their FM counterparts. This is mostly a result of the lower signal strength required, and it has a bunch of advantages for the user. First, your batteries will last a long time between charges, which is good for convenience and peace of mind. Secondly, this allows for smaller batteries overall and better miniaturization.


One of the major disadvantages of other headsets is they utilize public radio frequencies, allowing anyone to 'listen in' on any communication within range. Bluetooth headests for motorcycle helmets don't have this disadvantage, since there is a communication protocol involved. Both devices must agree to pair with one another. This means you only communicate with devices you approve of. 


Conventional headsets don't have the same advantages that bluetooth motorcycle headsets do. Conventional headsets are usually only used for bike to bike communication. Bluetooth headsets for motorcycles are capable of communicating with tons of devices. This means that you can have a conversation with your riding buddy, listen to your MP3 player, have a cell phone conversation all with one device. 

Bike to Bike Use:

Of course the most obvious use for a bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets is the opportunity to communicate effectively with your fellow riders. While the range for these units isn't fantastic (a few hundred feet to up to a mile) compared with standard radio systems, you won't have nearly the interference issues found with FM systems, and there's less concern regarding 'line of sight' interference.

Brand, Prices, Options:

Bluetooth Headsets for Motorcycle Helmets

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You can expect to pay a fair amount of money for a good quality bluetooth headset for your motorcycle helmet, but the price is well justified considering the technology involved. The highest quality brands will be small, comfortable, feature rich, long range and built specifically for motorbike use. Lower quality brands just won't hold up to the rigors of long distance rides and weather.

Be sure to analyze your style of riding and pick a bluetooth headset for your motorcycle helmet that matches the type of riding you intend to do. Ride a lot in the rain? Be sure to pick a water resistant or waterproof  bluetooth motorbike headset. Have trouble with ambient noise on the road? Try to track down a noise reduction variety. Ride long distance? Be sure to investigate battery life and pick a bluetooth motorcycle helmet system that will go the distance.

Here are some good brand names to consider:

Cardo Systems: Cardo has a brand called Scala that is a very well known bluetooth headset for motorcycle use. Cardo uses cutting edge technology and they have great miniaturization and range capabilities. Definitely one to consider.

Sena Bluetooth: Sena is another retailer that deals specifically with motorcycle gear. The Sena bluetooth for motorcycle helmet tech is very good, technologically advanced and hardy. Expect their products to last you for a long time.

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