For anyone who remembers the early days of Bluetooth keyboards it is amazing how far technology has come. The best models have none of the lag of their predecessors. The onboard software in something like the Xoom makes pairing a very simple task.

You should have no problem with speed typing if you choose a full size keyboard. In fact, you can be as productive on the Xoom as you can on a laptop. You will more productive than you manage on the small keyboard of a netbook.

Some people will value a Xoom Bluetooth Keyboard for writing emails, Facebook addicts can push their sharing to new heights. Most people looking for a keyboard, though, will be looking to use the keyboard for work or study and it is amazing how much you can achieve with such a small device as the Xoom.


Apps to Get the Best Productivity

It is also worth remembering how far apps for mobile devices have come. Xoom Honeycomb apps like Quick Office or Docs to Go can give you all your favorite files like Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDFs. With a good keyboard you can easily create or edit these files on the move.

Get an app like Logmein and you can synch with your home or office computer- then you have something like a mobile office in the very small frame of a Motorola Xoom.

Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard

Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard

Most of the Xoom accessories offered by Motorola were just stop-gap devices until other manufacturers stepped in with something genuinely useful. The original keyboard from Motorola is a different story.

It is very well designed and if you are looking for real productivity and mobility it is hard to beat. The profile is very slender and lightweight. The keys are big enough for even fat fingers, The separation and height of the keys makes very fast typing possible without a steep learning curve. Just as important, they feel right- as good as the keys of a top laptop.

There is also a row of very useful Xoom specific keys at the top of the keyboard. This includes a  play, pause and stop keys for multimedia control, a return key and a home key to get back to the home screen. In fact, it is easier to navigate through your apps with this keyboard than it is with the touch screen.

If there is a downside it is price- it launched at around $70, though I have seen it on Amazon recently for as little as $51. At that price, it is a bargain and might be worth snapping up.

Motorola Keyboard Case

Keyboard Cases for the Xoom

There are several keyboard cases for the Xoom. The advantage of these is that you will always have a physical keyboard with you. You will also have the pair of devices in a single, well protected package. The disadvantage is that the keyboards are smaller than standard- about the same size as your Xoom.

The original Motorola keyboard case is genuinely high quality leather and the keyborad is certainly usable. The price tag of $90 might deter some buyers.

NTK make a cheaper keyboard case that is selling for around $40. It has a shiny, black, textured case that will not appeal to everyone but the keyboard is pretty good.

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

If you are a demon with your thumbs, a mini keyboard might be all you need. The model pictured has mouse controls too, which is a significant advantage over the touchscreen for some tasks.

This device also appeals to people who, for whatever reason, have a problem using a touchscreen.

Verbatim Folding Keyboard

Verbatim 97537 Wireless Bluetooth

I've always been a fan of folding keyboards- especially when they come in a smart case of their own. The Verbatim Keyboard is one of the best and pairs swiftly with the Xoom. It is big enough to allow speedy typing and small enough, when folded, to slip into your pocket.

More Accessories for the Xoom

Accessories for the Xoom are not as easy to find as most of us would like. This site has a good range of suggestions: Best Xoom Accessories