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Bluetooth for Motorcycle Helmets

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If you're an avid rider like me, you know that it can be tough finding a good motorcycle intercom system to suit your needs. Some are bulky, some will cut in and out and give terrible reception, while other will allow people to listen in on your conversation. The answer? Bluetooth for motorcycle helmets!

Bluetooth motorcycle headsets are pretty new technology, but they allow for greatly increase communication from rider to rider. You can stay in touch while being certain that no one is listening in on your conversations.

This article will talk about bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom systems and all the technology and features involved. We'll talk about the tech behind it and the way it works. We'll touch on brand and price so you'll know what to look for and what to expect, and we'll talk about any shortcomings these systems might have. 

Let's get started and learn more about bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom systems!

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Technology and How It Works

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Intercom

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Now we'll talk about bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercoms and how they work. Yes, it's the same bluetooth technology that your mobile phone uses, and it operates on the same basic principles. Bluetooth communicates like all wireless technology using radio signals, but it allows for very low power draw and increased privacy. Also, bluetooth has the advantage of being less impeded by obstacles in the way. This means that line of sight isn't absolutely necessary for clear signal: a very important thing on the road. 

Bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom systems utilize a certain protocol to decide how they communicate. When two devices are in range of one another, they have a conversation, and the user needs to press a button to allow connection. Bluetooth motorcycle headsets therefore can only communicate with previously paired devices. This means that your road chatter will be private.

The signal strength of bluetooth is quite low, so riders need to be fairly close to one another in order to chat (within a few hundred feet, usually). This low signal strength does have advantages, however. Battery strength is saved meaning your bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom will run for a long time. Also, the low signal doesn't interfere with other frequencies, meaning you will experience much less interference than a similar device operating on the FM band.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercoms are often not very bulky. You might require a wired transmitter unit to be held on the belt or fixed on the bike, but the earpieces are quite low profile and designed to work with a helmet.

There are some great advantages to a bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset: they can pair with almost any wireless device. You can listen to GPS navigation, hear your favorite music, or take cell phone calls while you ride!

Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset:

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

If you're planning to invest money in a bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom system, I would advise you to read the reviews carefully and analyze your riding style and needs. You should be aware of the following:

  • How often do you ride, and for how long: Your choice of bluetooth motorcycle helmet should be determined by your battery and range needs. If you don't ride frequently, or if your rides are quite short, you'll have less of a battery life requirement.
  • Are you a fair weather rider? If you ride in wet or snow, consider searching for a waterproof or water resistant bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom. You'll end up paying more, but it will last through the wet. 
  • What kind of helmet do you have? Make sure that the type of bluetooth headset you choose will be compatible with your helmet style and fit. Your brand manufacturers will be able to help you determine this.
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Brand, Price

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Intercoms

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There are a lot of motorcycle helmet intercom systems around, and they come in all sorts of price points. Be sure that the headset you're planning to buy is bluetooth capable; there are many wireless intercom systems that don't use bluetooth. I highly recommend going for a well-known and established brand for peace of mind. 

Here are a few makers of bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom systems to consider:

Cardo Systems:

Cardo Systems is one of the world leaders in motorcycle bluetooth headsets, and they have impressive range capabilities, more than double some of their competitors. Their headsets are sleek, small and sophisticated, and you should experience clear and effective helmet to helmet intercom communication with these products.


Shark has embraced bluetooth technology too. Since they produce helmets, they have made some bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercoms built right into the helmets themselves. This allows for good fit and a clean look. It also ensures that in an accident you will remain safe despite wires and etcetera in the helmet. 


Sena produces bluetooth helmet intercom systems too, specifically the SMH10. This is a durable and reliable system with plenty of great reviews. It can attach directly to your helmet and includes noise reduction technology, while still being low profile and comfortable.