Boar Bristle Hair Brush

What Are Boar Bristle Hair Brushes?

If you’ve ready any style magazines lately you may have noticed that boar bristle hair brushes are gaining in popularity like wild fire. Boar bristle brushes, in essence, are very similar to a normal hair styling brush, with the exception that the bristles are made from the hair from a boar (a member of the pig family).  They have handles made of wood or plastic just like normal, but the actual bristle that runs through your hair is made of natural boars hair rather than nylon, plastic, or other synthetic materials. 

The Benefits Of Boar Bristle Hair Brushes:

Boars hair brushes have an overwhelming number of benefits for the health of your hair compared to the synthetic alternatives.  Primarily, boar bristles redistribute the natural oils in your hair (called sebum) throughout your head to promote healthy hair growth and boost shine.  Boars bristle hair brushes clean your hair more effectively because the bristles are much closer together.  Particles in your hair are removed quickly and painlessly as your brush spreads your hair oil evenly.  Finally boar bristle hair brushes gently massage the scalp to further promote healthy hair growth from the follicle level.  Because natural bristle hair brushes are much softer than traditional plastic brushes, you naturally press harder against the scalp.  This exfoliates the skin clearing clogged pores promoting healthy growth.   

How To Use A Natural Bristle Hair Brush:

Boar bristle hair brushes are not designed to untangle your hair.  In fact, using a natural bristle brush to untangle your hair can actually do more harm than good.  Because the bristle are so fine and weak, they don’t properly push through the hair to straighten and untangle it.  Use a normal hair styling brush or comb first when you are getting ready to brush your hair.  Then using long strokes, start at the scalp and work all the way down to the end of hair strands.  Take caution not to stop before completely brushing through the length of your hair.  

How To Clean A Boar Bristle Hair Brush:

Narual bristle hair brushes clean your hair so well by trapping dirt and particles in the bristles of the brush.  It is important to clean your boar bristle brush after each use so as not to reintroduce dirt and particles into your hair the next time you brush.  To clean, simple run a wide tooth comb through the brush several times to remove long hair strands.  Then every few weeks, soak in a solution of shampoo and water and rinse thoroughly with water.  Be sure to let it dry completely before you use it next.  

Mason Pearson Hair Brush:

Although they can be expensive, the most popular boar bristle hair brushes are Mason Pearson hair brushes.  The five rings of boar hair bristles are set in a patented rubber cushion which gently cleans and smooths hair to a lustrous shine.  Meason Pearson boar bristle brushes are great if you have long hair and haven’t found a hairbrush that brings out your natural shine.