No matter how fun a children's toy is, it may get a little bit old. Board games are a great way to play with your children and to help them learn how to take turns with their siblings and friends.

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood

Angry Birds Tabletop

As a 99 cent app this game became the most identifiable app in the world. Now, Mattel has turned it into a 'board game' of sorts. It is just what you might expect: players launch bird action figures at pre-built constructs. You (parents) will need to set up each level or stage. It's also important to set up the game pieces against a wall so you don't always need to go searching for the knocked down parts. This game is simple to play and doesn't require reading so it's appropriate for most young children (around 5 years).

Connect Four

Connect Four

This is a classic game and older, classic games typically get forgotten. The great thing about this game is that there is no board, which can sometimes be confusing for children (ala Candyland, Chutes & Ladders). The actual construct of the game is very rigid and it's very easy for kids to follow the rules. Some younger people have trouble remembering to take a side view of the game, but with practice, this isn't an issue. (There is also a Spongebob version of Connect Four).


Tic Tac Toe(56526)

This is typically considered a pencil and paper game but there are many 'board' versions that look really good. Past Tyme Classics makes an awesome version of the game constructed of wood. It's a simple game but I highly recommend it.

I Can Do That

I Can Do That!

This is a great Dr. Seuss game where players are challenged to do silly things that the Cat in the Hat might do. For instance, there may be points throughout the game where children are required to balance a toy on their knee while jumping up and down. The rules are simple to understand and there are a lot of different parts that come with the game. This is a great game to play when kids have a little too much energy for sitting still.



Chomp! is a very basic card game. Each card has a picture of a sea creature on it: plankton, shrimp, little fish, big fish, seal, and shark. Players can play one card at a time and whoever has played the animal that is higher on the food chain wins those cards. There are two special cards, octopus and electric eel, that can't be eaten by other cards. The simple rules of this game make it a great one for kids to play together, without an adult intervening to re-explain the rules.

These board games were designed for younger people to play, so grab one and start having fun!