Board Games

Board Gamed or Bored Games?

Against all odds, why they aren't

Quite possibly one of the biggest industries in existence revolves around gaming.  Whether that be video games or board games, millions of dollars are made off of this form of entertainment.  It baffles me that we are willing to spend upwards of $50.00 on a set of cards that probably cost $5.00 to print.  But myself and millions of others will do it in a heart beat.  

The game is Dominion and it is one of the greatest games I have ever played.  I don't know that you would actually even call it a board game because no board is involved.  In fact, it is all cards.  The game plays up to 4 people and like I said, costs $50.00.  That may seem outrageous, but let me tell you why it is not.

Going to the movies is something that people have done for entertainment for years.  One of the most common dates I can think of is dinner and a movie.  During this movie you sit for around one to two hours in the dark watching images flash across the screen.  Then it is done.  You pay around $10.00-$12.00 for that movie and in an hour or so it is over.  I haven't talked to many people who regret their decision to pay for the movies.  If we are going to criticize board games, we are required to look at it in the paradigm of other forms of entertainment.  Lets look at them in hours of entertainment provided for amount paid.  Board game wins.  The entertainment provided for four people for 2 hours can cost up to $50.00 if you are going to see a movie that is fairly new in theaters.  Not only does the game provide entertainment for the four people for 2 hours (at least) but it also doesn't stop when the lights come on.  Look at it this way: how many people would go to a movie if the tickets were the same price, and once you buy the ticket you can come back and see that same movie as many times as you want, and it will never leave the theaters.  A lifetime pass to this movie? Sign me up, right?  Are you starting to see why board games aren't such a bad idea? 

Quality is a huge issue as well.  The quality of time spent with a group is extremely important when gauging how worth-while board games are.  Well, this one may be a no-brainer, but it is the difference between sitting in a dark room together and not interacting, or laughing, joking, and making connections between each other.  Board games offer one of the best sources for human interaction.  Not only is it mandatory for just about any game you play, but the interaction is framed in a game that is not reality.  This means you have the opportunity to learn about people behind the front of a game while still maintaining the human to human interaction.  If you aren't good at being around people and building relationships, a game may be the best way.


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So you see, sometimes we don't realize the real value of something even though it is staring us in the face.  Many may wonder why in the world we would pay so much money to play this game of paper cards when you have the opportunity of true special effects.  Can risk hold a candle to warcraft?  In my opinion it blows it out of the water.  Yes, one may be more visually pleasing but isn't that the problem with so much of society today?  The pleasure of a board game isn't in the instant gratification and flashing lights.  The beauty of a board game lies in the people you are playing with.  Heaven forbid we exercise our imaginations a bit and play Dominion instead of World of Warcraft.  When all is said and done, video games have their place.  Their place is when you have nobody to hang out with.  When you have nothing else to do and need a release.  Board games, however, have stuck around because they run on human interaction.  Never underestimate the value of a good board game.