There's Nothing Like a Good Sandwich

Deli meats have become a common thing in the American household. Just head to the supermarket and you've got yourself a nice selection to pick from when you're looking for a certain type of meat.

Roast beef? It's there. Want some honey ham? They've got that too. The list goes on, but which ones are the best?

Boar's Head

The Natural Choice

My two personal favorites when it comes to deli meats are Boar's Head and Hillshire farms. I'll admit that one is harder to find than the other, but they are both found in my refridgerator on a regular basis.

Boar's Head

No preservatives. This is the hardest to find out of the two. When I lived in Mississippi I'd never even heard of this stuff. One day after relocating to the East coast, I ran across this brand of deli meat. Since then, I've been in love.

All Natural 

Unlike most deli meats, this one doesn't have that oily coating of preservatives. This in turn leaves the meat drier than most people are probably used to (unless they're used to making their own meat) but the  flavor is amazing!


If you're looking for your favorite deli meat, Boar's Head has it. They even have some special flavors like glazed buffalo chicken that a lot of people flock to for the holidays. Even my cat likes the buffalo chicken! 


Average pricing for this meat is about $7 to $9 per pound. If you ask me, I wouldn't mind indulging in these pounds every day! 

Jokes aside though, I do think it's a little pricey for deli meats. I think it's because it never lasts a week at my house. Not to mention the slicers slice the meat so thin you have to use a lot of it on a single sandwich if you really want to taste it.

However, if the fact that it's all natural could be something that leaves it at the top of a healthy eater's shopping list.

Hillshire Farms

Another tasty option with quite a few differences than Boar's Head. I love this option because it's been available everywhere I've ever been. Even towns that are out in the middle of nowhere!

It's Not All Natural

This brand's selection is definitely not dry, that's for sure. If I run my finger across a slice of roast beef it'll leave an oily substance on my hand. This doesn't affect the taste though! It's quite different from Boar's Head, but it's still good only in a more processed way.

Think comparing home grilled burgers to a fast food burger.

Lack of Variety

Hillshire Farms isn't nearly as creative as Boar's Head when it comes to flavors. Sure, if you want the basics like seasons turkey or chicken you'll be able to find it easily. If you're looking for Genua salomi though, you're going to be out of luck.


Less expensive than Boar's Head and can often be found on sale. Perfect for those who have a smaller budget. The great news is that the Hillshire Farms deli slices aren't nearly as thin as Boar's Head and with the preservatives added (plus the yummy taste) it actually takes less to fill you up.

The Bottom Line

Which is better comes down to your preference. I prefer Boar's Head some days and Hillshire Farms on other days. I'm the same way with my hamburgers. Some days I want to stop by Burger King and other days I much prefer the taste of backyard grilled beef.

If preservatives are a concern you have, then Boar's Head is the natural way to go. If you're in an area that doesn't seem to offer the infamous black and gold deli meats, then Hillshire Farms is definitely the selection for you. 

If you have just never tried Boar's Head, you're missing out. It's quite the experience simply because it provides a different taste overall. It's something you can plan to try when you're taking a road trip!