Whether you are familiar with the British canal system of looking for the make the change towards narrow boat living, choosing the right type of boat mooring which is most suitable for you can be an important decision to make prior to starting a life living on the canal. There are many different circumstances that people find themselves living on the waterways can play an integral factor in choosing the right type of boat mooring for you.


Short Term Mooring

Short term moorings are situated along the majority of the canal towpath bank and are free for boaters to use. However there are a few disadvantages towards this type of mooring and the first one has to be the fact that default length of stay for these areas being 14 days. Some however will be shorter duration than this but will be clearly marked with signage. After you maximum time stay is up you are required to move further on down the canal and move spot, this is mainly to ensure that no one is to claim ownership of any of these areas. Typically this method is used by people who wish to continuously cruise the waterways system and can be considered the method of mooring that most people who live on the canal would love to achieve. However it is clear to see the problems that this form of mooring would have with people what need to attend work, or have other commitments which would require them to be stationary in a particular area for some time. If achievably this method is by far the best way to experience the diversity of locations and wildlife which the canal systems have to other and one of the many reason why so many people fall in love with this lifestyle of living.    

Leisure Mooring

Having a leisure mooring is aimed at people who do not spend all their time living on their canal boat. Due to the fact that you will pay for this style mooring whether you are on the boat or not this method presents the most expensive option. It is mainly aimed at people who use their narrow boat as a holiday get away from their busy working lives and choose not live on their boat permanently. However these are fixed mooring but often provide less facilities are residential mooring due to the assumption that when the boat owners are on board they will move off from to cruise the canal for the duration of their time on board.   

Residential Mooring

Residential mooring as intended for people who permanently live on board their narrow boat but who have commitments or choose to remain in the same location. There mooring are the most expensive out of the methods mentioned but the individual price of these mooring can greatly vary depending on their location and available space which the mooring offers. There mooring can be in urban mariners or in the most rural areas of the countryside and can be acquired through renting or purchase. Some residential mooring can offer garden space and even vehicle parking but would cost considerably more than the basic mooring available. These mooring are ideal for people working full time jobs who need easy access to transport links and other services. This style mooring will still allow you to cruise off and travel the canals through the short term mooring system but if renting the mooring you will be required to continue with the mooring payments until you agree to have to terminate your contract.

resident mooring

Be sure to make clear your reasons for living aboard a narrow boat and what you intend to do when you are on the canal. Knowing this along with the points raised in this article will help you to make the right decision in finding the right boat mooring for you.