Boat shoes are comfortable and versatile. Popular in the 70's, the boat shoe is making a huge comeback and is more popular today than it has been in years. One of the reasons for the new popularity may be that the boat shoe made its appearance 75 years ago, and since the original manufacturer has launched a new line in honor of the company's 75th anniversary, other manufacturers have started marketing their own versions of the popular boat shoe. Sites like and feature the latest in boat shoes. Famous celebrities are known to be trendsetters, and images of celebrities wearing boat shoes with jeans, other casual wear, or with more upscale designer originals have added to the popularity.

The New Styles

Some boat shoes now come in styles and colors that make them a little dressier than the standard version. Styles for men can now be found in tan, oatmeal and olive. Some manufacturers make the classic style in buck, navy, coconut, beige, and even black. Women's styles are designed in attractive new colors like lake blue, oyster and linen. For something really new and different, combinations like blue/chestnut or navy/blue/pine are available in both women's and men's styles.

Boat shoes even come in metallic versions for women, to be worn with summer dresses or jumpsuits. If wearing them with a summer dress, a cotton pair in a pastel shade usually works well. Boat shoes for men look best with khakis, jeans, chinos or cargo pants and a sweater, polo shirt or tee shirt.


The boat shoe was originally designed for sailing and yachting. The shoes were constructed with a soft sole and heel so they wouldn't scratch the deck of a boat, and to prevent the wearer from falling on slippery surfaces. Traditional boat shoes were often constructed of brown leather, but today the look has been updated to reflect a variety of new fashion trends and activities. Boat shoes are even an option for hiking or other outdoor activities. They're perfect when traveling to wear on sightseeing trips; especially if you'll be walking long distances.

Durability and Comfort

Top of the line boat shoes are designed for comfort, are lightweight, and are cushioned making them perfect for all day wear. The outer sole should be designed to distribute the weight, and be somewhat stretchable for additional comfort. Many of the top manufacturers design the shoes to be water repellant with special soles that are designed to prevent slipping on wet surfaces. The water resistent oil used on the top of the shoe keeps your feet dry. You may consider buying your boat shoes in a smaller size than usual because once they're broken in, they'll mold to the shape of your foot.