Boat tarps are made of a reinforced, sturdy but flexible material with a waterproof membrane. Mostly they are produced from strong cloth materials with a coating of latex which works as a waterproof membrane. The tarp will need to be tied down to provide protection, this can be accomplished using the strong eyelets positioned in the corners and sides of the canvas. More recently boat tarps have been produced using braided polyethylene. These are named Polytarps. Obviously the weather can be extreme at sea and on large lakes, so boats need some form of protection when not in use to help to prevent corrosion and weather damage, this where tarps come in useful.

Boat tarps come in many different designs and can be used in any weather condition or environment. Some of the more common boat tarps are listed here:

Polytarps... An all round multipurpose tarp good for any weather condition. It is made from a compact, reinforced and heavy resin which has tough reinforced eyelets for the rope attachments. This form of tarp is extremely tough and can be used in most weather conditions which is why it is so popular. When preparing for harsh weather conditions this is often the tarp of choice.

Canvas tarps... Well reinforced with great durability. This tarp is made from a heavy duty cloth and is best used for storing boats under cover as it doesn't have a waterproof membrane.

Mesh Tarps... Otherwise known as a sun screen tarp is no suited to extreme weather conditions.

You can buy a boat tarp in just about any size depending on how big the boat is. They also come as standard without any extras. One of the newer tarps has a mildew resistant coating which is great for boats constructed of wood. If your away on extended sailing trips, and you wont have access to supplies then its a good idea to take a repair kit with you in case you need to repair your boat tarp due to tearing for example.

As Boat tarps become more popular people require different designs so you will find many varieties available. You can even get a tarp customized to your requirements. Boat tarps are also great for keeping insects away, some come with a strong repellent soaked into the material. A professional boats man or owner will always purchase a good quality tarp suited to the elements it will be used in.

A good strong rope will be needed to securely tie the boat tarp down. Like the tarp there is also many different types of rope to choose from. Many of the specialized boat tarps can be expensive, but it is money well spent as your boat will be secure and protected in any weather condition.