Most likely you will be on the water this summer.Whether you are just going for a boat ride, fishing, tubing, skiing or knee boarding, you are bound to run into some type of situation you will have to get through. It is absolutely important that you are safe while on the boat.By following these safety tips you are not only keeping yourself safe, but you are keeping other families and boaters safe as well.


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-Wear a life jacket if you are not a strong swimmer.Whether you are an adult or a child it is important to wear a life jacket if you cannot swim or are not a strong swimmer.While on the water, anything can happen.Whether the tide becomes strong or you have a malfunction with your boat, it is important to prepare for the absolute worst situation.


-Have enough life jackets for everyone in the boat.You never know how far away from shore you may be or how long.It is important for everyone to have enough life jackets in case of an emergency.Testing your life jackets every once in a while is a good idea as well.


-Stay safe around propellers.You should never jump off of a boat with the engine running, even if it is on idle.A propeller can strike at one tenth of a second so it is important to keep yourself away from it.If someone is tubing or skiing on the back of the boat you should always make sure someone is watching them.This person is often referred to as a spotter.It just takes a split second for the rope to get tangled around the propeller.You should also never put the boat in reverse when picking up a passenger in the water.Always go around in a circle to pick them up.


-Stay seated when the boat is in motion.Standing up or sitting on the edge of the boat can be very dangerous.The safest spot is on a seat inside of the boat or on the floor.Be sure to sit where the driver tells you to.Too much unevenness in the boat is not good.


-Make sure that you can be seen at all times.As the sun begins to set, it will start getting dark which makes it hard for other boats to see you.You should always have lights on your boat so others can see you.There is a blind spot on not only a vehicle but a boat as well.It is important to not get too close to other people.The distance away plays a major role in visibility.


-Let family or friends know where you are.Going out on the water without telling anyone is not a smart move.If something happens to you or your boat and you need help they may have no way of finding you.You should always let someone know where your destination is, where you are docking from and the approximate time you will be back.This way, if you are not back by the time you say, they can send people to go out to look for you. 


-Don't bring alcohol on the boat.Driving with alcohol in your system is just setting yourself up for disaster.Leave the alcohol at home. 


-Use safety measures when loading and unloading the boat.Boat safety is just as important off water as it is on.Having someone there to drive the boat trailer and someone to assist them is a good idea to avoid any accidents.Also make sure that you do not cause a wake on the water until your boat is a legal distance away.




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-Make sure your boat is registered and the sticker is clearly visible.Although this is not related to safety, it is still important.Not registering your boat may cause you to get a ticket. 


-Bring safety and emergency equipment on your boat.A first aid kit, flashlight, fire extinguisher, and emergency lights or flares are all important emergency equipment you should have when staying safe on your boat.If an emergency were to occur, you should be well prepared.An anchor is another good accessory to have when boating.


-Know the weather predicaments.Checking the weather before you go out is one of the best things you can do.Just because it is sunny in the morning doesn't mean it is going to stay nice all day.Weather patterns can change rather quickly.Getting caught in a lightening or thunderstorm is definitely not a safe thing for you.


-Follow the weigh capacities according to your boat.While some boats may only hold 4 people others may be able to hold 12.It is important to check the weigh capacity of your boat and be sure you don't exceed that limit.


-Follow the rules on the water.Although most of the water rules are pretty much the same, there are a few exceptions.You should make sure you know the rules of the body of water you are on.If a lake says no wake in a certain area or after dark, then it is important follow those rules.Not only will you keep yourself safe, but you will also avoid getting a ticket.


-Know the body of water that you are on.Getting into your boat on a body of water you have never been on may be a dangerous experience.Bring a map with you so you can study the area and know where danger spots are.It is helpful to bring someone that has been on the water before to help you out.If no-one is able to come out with you then it is important to study the map before heading out.Getting lost out there is the last thing that you want. 


Following these boating safety rules will land you a safe summer.Rules are not intended on creating a burden for you but simply just to keep you safe.Remember you can be safe and have fun at the same time.

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