Main features that seBob Stroller Redparate Bob stroller from all others on the market are frame design, folding and guaranteed wheel tracking function. All Bob strollers are made from aeronautical grade aluminum alloy and roll smoothly on three wheels.

Here is a list of features which make Bob stroller a great buy.

  • Frame is fully welded and it uses forged drop-outs which are much stronger and longer-lasting than plastic ones.
  • 3 inches of adjustable suspension with two positions. The shock absorber works much like a bicycle shock absorber does. In the first position you can accommodate a child up to 50 pounds. You should use this setting in case you are taking a walk or in case you just want to stroll through the neighborhood. However, in case you have a heavier child or if you are interested in going off-road or taking a run you should consider sliding it into the second position which accommodates children up to 70 pounds and it is a bit more performance oriented.
  • Foot activated rear parking brake.
  • Two step fold.
  • 360 degree swiveling front wheel for increased maneuverability. If you are going for a run or off-road you should consider locking the front wheel in the forward position.
  • Tracking adjustment.
  • Extremely durable rib-stop fabric. This fabric is treated to be water and stain resistant.
  • Closed cell foam for seats. Closed cell foam is much easier to clean plus will not soak up water.
  • Two-position recline (45 or 75 degrees).
  • Five point harness system which is padded and adjustable.
  • Big storage capacity.
  • Large adjustable canopy. It is possible to put it into any position you need it and it will be held there securely.
  • Big picaboo window so you can see your child on the inside.

Bob strollers come loaded with accessories as well to make getting around town easier and more fun.

  • Infant car seat adapter which accommodates most of the major car seat brands. Duallie Bob Stroller
  • Snack tray.
  • Handle bar console which has a zipper pocket for your cell phone, keys etc. Also it has two pockets for water bottles for you.
  • Diaper bags come in matching colors and fasten directly to the handle bar.
  • Rain shield which protect the child from the elements.
  • The sun shield which fastens the same way that the weather shield does. It is a great accessory for a bright sunny day or in the spring to protect your child from the bugs.
  • Warm-fuzzy. This is a nice accessory if you have a smaller child or in case it is a cold day and you want a little bit of extra padding.
  • Travel bags which accommodate all of the single strollers.

All Bob strollers are available as double strollers. They feature adjustable canopies as well as independently recline seats. They also have a car seat adapter available for the double stroller. Each double Bob Stroller comes with two snack trays one of which is preinstalled. The double stroller accommodates only one car seat.

Bob strollers are not meant for use after dark. If you intend to use at night, I strongly recommend installing a front and rear lightning system available through your local bike shop.