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Cakes probably will look imperfect without having cake toppers. In order to make your adorned cakes extraordinary for exclusive events, you could use bobbleheads as toppers on cakes. 
Bobbleheads are uncommon and unique thus making them exceptional. These kinds of products are little toy figures which have huge heads. A spring attaches the head together with the main body that is generally connected to a broad strong base. Hence, simply a small touch makes the head bob and move. For this reason they happen to be called bobbleheads. 
Bobbleheads are normally presented as personalized gifts or toy characters. But to give these pretty small things a great twist, you may put them on a cake making your wonderful party merrier. 
Wedding Bobbleheads
In case you are thinking of getting married, give your wedding cake distinctive look by using bobbleheads as toppers on the cake. Doing this you could eliminate the boredom of ordinary cake topping concepts for your wedding party.
You could also personalize the bobblehead that you have decided to use. All it takes to customize a booblehead, is to send a photo of you and your partner to the maker of bobbleheads. There are plenty of bobblehead makers that can provide you with a personalized bobblehead for weddings or any occassion. You can find a good custom bobbleheads manufacturer on the web. 
Indicate that you intend to use the bobblehead as a cake topper and don't forget to mention that the event will be a wedding. In that way, the bobblehead creator will sketch personas in wedding garments. When these bobbleheads are used as cake toppers, their height shouldn't exceed more than 7 to 8 inches. This is done to make sure that the bobbleheads will blend nicely upon the wedding party cake.  
You save a lot in terms of money, if you use bobbleheads as cake toppers for weddings as well as other ceremonies. A tailor-made set of wedding cake toppers will cost you anything around $500 to $1000, excluding the shipping and delivery costs that you would have to pay. Using bobblehead cake toppers, you will probably shell out merely a small percentage of the tailor-made amount. Apart from the monetary benefits you receive, your wedding reception will certainly become awesome due to these bobbly and cute looking bobbleheads. 
Bobbleheads for Birthday Cakes
For your child's birthday parties, bobbleheads tend to be amazing cake toppers. You can easily buy a personalized bobblehead in the preference of your child, whose birthday is being celebrated. You may want to even buy some other personas which will make perfect the cake with various toppers.
Action heroes could well transform into options for bobblehead cake toppers, which are expected for birthdays. Most loved pets or animals of your child can also be used as cake toppers or included in the other bobbleheads you have planned to use. 
After the celebration, these bobbleheads could well be used as playing toys by your children or they could end up being displayed for their entertainment.
Important Tips For Using Bobblehead Cake Toppers 
You should place the order for the customized bobblehead a month prior to the event. If you are ordering a bobblehead set composed of many characters and personas, then you require a a bit longer lead time. 
Tailor-made bobbleheads take some time to build. That's basically because the makers would personally create the requested items. The company would even be in touch with you to make sure that you are pleased with the structure. Subsequently after you give your final consent, then only will the bobblehead creators begin creating your order. 
Therefore to avoid any problems or delays, order these cake topper bobbleheads in advance.

Customized Bobbleheads