History Of Bobby Jack Bedding: The Bobby Jack Brand started as a t-shirt brand that represented a lifestyle. The front of the t-shirt tells the beginning of the joke and the back says the punch line. The most popular character featured is a monkey with a wide grin and large endearing eyes. He has attitude and can be mischievous, yet he’s always fun and able to make others laugh. Cooper is Bobby Jack’s best friend and is often the target of all of his jokes. He works hard as a store clerk and deserves praise for putting up with Bobby despite all of his shortcomings. He is a loyal and hard worker which sends out a good message. Another character in this brand is Moose, a mouse who loves to pull pranks and inventing fun gadgets. He is a good role model to children because he inspires everyone to open up their imagination. The growth of the brand grew over 2500% from 2002-2010. It has been immensely popular with boys and girls which have allowed the company to grow into the bedding industry. They keep fans interested by offering a website that offers interactive chat rooms, help with home work, and information about all the new products and styles. Bobby Jack Bedding retains customers by constantly upgrading and revamping their styles before competitors. They offer what you want before you even know you want it.

Bobby Jack Bedding Styles: This bedding line is definitely targeted towards children, but it is not gender specific. There are pinks and purples for girls and blues and greens for boys. The style is cheerful, with bright and bold colors and fun, with polka dots and stripes. The most important part about this style is that it’s sure to make your child smile. One of the most popular Bobby Jack Bedding pieces is the Groovy Peace comforter with bold shades of hot pink, blue, and lime and peace signs. This is popular for kids around the age of 8. Another top seller is the Going Dotty, which suits both boys and girls. The colors are lime green, bright blue, and brown and the style shows Jack and lots of fun polka dots. The Burst My Bubble sheet set includes bubble gum pink and cream colors that offer a subtler back drop to the set’s crazy comforter. Reoccurring trends in this line includes use of popular characters and over the top colors. There is no doubt that this style is meant for children and offers little to no sophistication. One really big positive about Bobby Jack Bedding is that the colors are common colors used in children’s decorations which allows you to have the ability to mix and match different pieces. All of the colors and designs look fairly cohesive with one another.

Accessories: Bobby Jack Bedding also comes with an extensive line of accessories for the bedroom. These include pillows, blankets, shams, bolsters, stuffed animals, valance, and more. This is a great line for people who want to complete a look using the same brand throughout. For avid fans, they can also dress up in the clothing line and carry around the stuffed monkey animal. One potential draw back about the accessories is that they may match the comforters and sheets a little too much. The over use of the monkey design can make a room look more of a product placement model than an actual children’s rooms. However, Bobby Jack Bedding sets that focus more on stripes and peace signs can be a cuter option.

Where to Buy Bobby Jack Bedding: The main stores that carry this brand is Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sears, and Amazon. It is sold in pretty much every big retail store due to its immense growth in the past decade. Buyers also have the option to buy Bobby Jack Bedding on popular discount sites, like e-bay and overstock. In general, it is not a brand you have to search high and low to find. If you have the time and effort, you can find this brand on sale for really good deals. If you don’t have a local Walmart or Target, you can try popular discount websites.

Comfort: Bobby Jack Bedding is not the most comfortable or soft bedding option and most items are made out of 100% polyester. Another example of the mediocre quality is the 180-thread count sheets. You would choose this line if you’re looking for the style, not for something to sleep in with. The comforter feels cheap and although this is not the most expensive brand, I would not buy something of this quality at the price. Once again, it may be worth it for a child obsesses with this brand.

Bobby Jack Bedding Prices: The price of this line is dependent on where you buy. For example, the same Bobby Jack Burst My Bubble in Pink/Purple will cost you about 150.00, while on Amazon it will be less than $50.00. In general, this line is fairly affordable. Another price on Amazon is around $20.00 for a sheet set which includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillow case. This is not the most expensive, but it’s also not the lowest cost option. It is somewhere in the middle which may be more or less than perfect for what you want to spend on a children’s room.

Bobby Jack Bedding Overall rating: This brand may be popular and affordable, but it is also a fad. Having a character or movie design on your or your child’s bed is risky because it is very specific. It’s a better idea to opt for bedding and styles that are more neutral and provide a greater range of versatility. You could rectify this situation by choosing the Bobby Jack Bedding sheets that are more affordable, and pick a comforter that is more comfortable and will last through out different phases you child will go through. The comforter feels uncomfortable and harsh, which is not what you’d expect from such a successful brand. In my opinion, this company capitalizes on the popularity of the monkey and neglects quality control. However, it is popular with many kids and offers a good message.