Second Month Earnings

Well, February did not really go to plan and I did not get as much done as I wanted to. Basically life got in the way and I got a little lazy, well more than a little, with my writing. However, I did do something productive with my month, I got to grips with my sewing machine and ended up making a load of clothes. I'm even planning on writing some how to articles next month once I've become proficient in the art of sewing.

Anyway, back to the point of the article: earnings and writing plans. In my January report (see below) you'll remember that I planned on writing one article per week, or four per month. Well, I managed to reach my goal with Wizzley by drafting out my four articles at the start of the month and then filling in the gaps when I had the time. I'm fairly sure this is the best way for me to work as I have my day job to contend with and also a few other hobbies that keep me busy at all of hours of the day.

Previous Reports:

Writing Goals For March 2013

Since I've been struggling to meet my writing goals recently I am going to set myself some mini goals and challenges every week. I can get very competitive and this is just one way that I use to motivate myself to write when I'd rather be playing video games or sewing - those don't pay the bills yet though. 

I'm going to lay out my plans for March in this report just so that I can keep myself accountable. If I don't meet my goals then I can't say I didn't prepare for it because this is the start of that preparation. 


  • Review four articles starting with the lowest ranking ones


  • Review four articles starting with the lowest ranking ones


  • Review all articles
  • Add one new article


  • Answer at least 5 questions per day
  • Total 155 answers for the month


  • Write four new articles for the month or one per week


  • Write four new articles or one per week

I have started to plan out most of these articles already so all I need to do is fill out the content. I've already got a template for each of the sites so that isn't going to be an issue, I just have to get myself in gear and get to writing.

February 2013 Earnings

This month's earnings have been quite disappointing but that's mainly because I haven't been spending enough time on the sites that are generating me income. However, I have spent my time over on Zujava and Wizzley generating an article basis there. I know I wont be getting an earnings for the next month or so but you've got to start somewhere.

So, here are my earnings for February and a comparison of how I did compared to previous months:

  • Squidoo: $41.52 down 12.6%
  • HubPages: $4.46 up by 2.5%
  • Adsense: £6.9 up 8.6%
  • Chitika: $0.02 down by 66.67%
  • Triond: $0.0 no earnings
  • Redgage: $0.0 no earnings
  • Amazon (UK & USA): $1.94 up 16% + $0.64 down 67%
  • Experts Column: $0.00 no earnings
  Total earnings: $48.58 down 9% £6.9 down 7.4%
As you can see I've had some increases in HubPages where I've started to go back and edited those articles that are struggling but overall my earnings are down my 9%. This is the first decrease I've had since roughly October and it's a little disappointing to be honest. Ah well, it just gives me more motivation to work even harder during March.