Body acne is as troublesome and potentially scarring as acne found anywhere else on your body, but, you can ban it forever with these easy body acne treatments:

1. Use an antimicrobial soap to help eliminate excess bacteria on the surface of the skin. For a more natural ntimicrobial acne fighter, try a product containing tea tree oil. The oil of the tea tree has a mild antimicrobial property, while gently encouraging the skin to not overproduce the oil which helps to cause acne pimples.

2. Use a clean towel with every shower to avoid spreading the infection in the pus of the pimples to noninfected areas of your body. In addition, you should dry the clear areas of your skin first, and the infected areas last to avoid spreading the bacteria to uninfected parts of your body. If you want to dry the broken out areas first, use two separate clean towels.

3. Once you have bathed or showered with antimicrobial soap, gently pat dry the affected or broken out areas. Refrain from rubbing your skin to dry it, as the rubbing action will only stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce an abundance of oils further exacerbating the problem. More oil on the surface of the skin encourages additional future breakouts.

4. When the area is totally dry, treat it with a benzoyl peroxide cream formulated for body acne. These pimple fighting creams have a higher concentration of benzoyl peroxide than those formulated for the face and should help to clear up the broken out areas faster than those containing milder concentrations.

5. Take a change of clothing with you in warm weather. Sweating will make the problem worse, as will dampened clothing which rubs and irritates the already broken out skin. Having a change of clothing available will help you to stay dry and comfortable throughout your day, while helping your broken out skin to heal.

6. Never pick or pop the acne pimples, regardless of where they are on your body. Doing so will risk further breakouts to nearby unaffected areas, and will cause permanent scarring of the skin.

7. Drink lots of water. Drinking water will help your body to maintain adequate hydration of the skin, and will assist skin damaged from a breakout to heal more quickly and efficiently. Water us an important part of the healing process.

In most cases, body acne treatments done at home are quite effective in clearing up your skin. If you should happen to notice that your body acne is worsening, not improving, or beginning to scar once the pimples have healed, consult your physician or dermatologist for more treatment options. There are other treatments available to you that will keep you from having to carry the scars of body acne breakouts permanently.