Body Building Nutrition Guide for Ectomorphs

Please keep in mind that before you follow any guide (including this one) for body building, you must realize your body type and body building goals. Specifically speaking, you can either be born an Ectomorph (skinny), Mesomorth (athletic), or a Endomorph (Chubby). And your goals could vary from geting more muscular and toned (body building), get stronger (power lifting) or get more endurance.

     Depending on what body type and what goal you want, you'll need different approachs and nutrition. So for this article in particular, I'll give the body building nutrition guide for an Ectomorph body type who wants to become muscular, or become a body builder.

     A little background on myself, I used to be a 115lb scrawny asian kid who plays online games like World of Warcraft. But soon I discovered why level up my online character when I can level up my real life character? MYSELF! I applied this mindset to working out consistently about 4-5 a week, thinking each rep is giving my body experience to level up. Soon i discovered going to the gym alone is not enough to reach my goals, the Nutrition side of working out actually accounts of 50% of gains... so I began discovering my nutrition guide.

 The Body Building Nutrition Guide

One of the advantages of being an Ectomorph is that you have a high metabolism, you can eat whatever the heck you want and barely gain any weight. But because of this you must eat ALOT to gain weight, and over time this task can seem very annoying and pricy. 

Basically you MUST increase you calorie intake consistently, by any means necessary even if you have to eat an extra hamburger between meals. Soon your stomach will get used to eating this much food, and you'll find it unnatural not to. The point is to constantly break through eating plateaus until you have gained enough weight. (You MUST be working out through all this!! And lift HEAVY from time to time, since ectomorphs need to work harder to increase size. But some days simply use light weights and get that full contraction until you feel sore, switching up routines are essential to muscle gains.)

When you've reached a bodyweight you're comfortable with, you can begin to lean out your diet and increase daily activity to really get that ripped body building nutritionist look. Basically change your carbs to whole wheat bread or brown rice and eat lots of Chicken, Beef and Fish. You must match your body weight to grams of protein you eat a day, this can be a hard task to carry out without taking protein shakes on the regular. As an ectomorph, we lean out very easily, simply walking and jogging around more often instead of driving and you'll notice your abs showing in no time. 

Within a couple of months you will seeing a lot of gains, and within a few years you'll be looking lean and mean!