Juice Fasting

Healthy detox recipes for weight loss

An effective Detox Recipes or detox diet is one that can help you to achieve a successful body detoxification and promoting good health. In our everyday life, we are so much exposed to different types of pollutants, chemicals and other harmful substances that get into our body and accumulated in our body system. Once these harmful toxins have accumulated to certain level in the body, they will transformed into free radicals which will then reduce our body efficiency and defense, subsequently you will feel weak and easily get sick, some may even develop into serious illness such as cancer.

By performing a body detoxification, it can help us to reduce or get rid of the toxins elements in our body, hence improve our digestive capabilities and increase the overall functioning of the body. Although body detoxification is a very effective way to keep up a healthy body, but one have to be prudent of the detoxification method that being used and it is advisable to consult a dietitian or doctor before you kick-start a detoxification plan. It is especially not suitable for people who are in the midst of recovery from a surgery, pregnant mother as well as patient with kidney problems and diabetes.

Prior to a detoxification program, one must go through a small makeover in the diet so that to prepare the liver in a better position for detoxify. The makeover in diet involves gradually removing of sugar, gluten, trans fat, refined carbohydrates as well as artificial sweeteners from the diet at least one week before the body detoxification plan. There are many different types of detoxification, one of the most common and old age detox diet is the liquid detox diet whereby only water or juices involved in the diet for couple of days. Other detox diet may apply the method of lowering the calorie intake and also incorporating high fish consumption. There are many other detox diet regimes available in the market, and you could even produce your own diet program too if you have the right fundamentals.

An example of the liquid detox is the juice detox or sometime known as juice fasting, which involves the intake of raw vegetables and many fruits juices. As vegetable and fruit juices have excellent antioxidant properties, juice fasting is known to be an useful way for detoxification. When our body are deprived of other food, vitamins during the detox period and it is covered up by the nutrients in the fruit and vegetable juice. As there is no solid food being consumed apart from juices, it helps to really flush the body and get rid of the toxins in our body system.

Basically, an effective detox diet plan should have certain food group within its target with low-fat and low carb group being the main category. It must also consists of foods with all natural and fresh without any chemicals or preservatives added which means processed foods are not allowed. Typically only raw vegetables, fresh fruits, raw nuts, oats, brown rice and other natural healing foods involved in the detox diet plan. This is to eliminate any possible harmful chemicals and substances being consumed during the detox period, and on the hands to wake up the body and trigger it to start eliminating the toxins that resided or stored in our body system. Nowadays, everyone needs a health detox recipes to cleanse the body so that to maintain or improve our overall health.