Cure The Tickle In Your Throat


We've all been there, a constant tingling in the throat that just won't go away. A tickle in the throat (or a throat tickle dry cough) can be one of the most annoying, if not painful, issues faced by many people! Often accompanied by a dry cough or dry throat, tickling in the throat can be caused by common colds, infections, allergies, as well as changes in the weather. In more serious instances constant tickling in the throat can be a symptom of tonsillitis. If you truly have a constant throat tickle that is causing you discomfort you should get it checked out by a doctor. If this is a more occasional problem however, there are several home cures that work wonders at relieving the irritation of a tickly throat.

My favorite of these cures for a tickly throat I think of as a “body hack." The solution is simply to scratch your ear! The reason that this works, according to Scott Schaffer, M.D. is that the stimulation of the nerves in the year create a muscle spasm in your throat that actually relieves the tickle. As he is the president of the year, nose, and throat center in New Jersey, I take this more seriously than some lifestyle. So far, this trick has worked well for me.

Unfortunately, one of the times that throat tickle causes the most discomfort is during the night. A tickling dry throat can disturb sleep as well as other problems. The best solution for a dry throat tickle at night is using a humidifier in the room. Note that this does not work if the cause is tonsillitis.
Other cures include drinking lots of fluids (particularly warm liquid) getting lots of vitamin C, using throat lozenges or cough drops, and an assortment of home cures that work to varying degrees.

Making sure that you drink a lot of fluids when you have an itchy throat is always a good idea. Actually, almost anytime you have minor illnesses making sure that you are well hydrated is the first step to recovery. In this case, drinking lots of liquid will ensure your body can keep your throat lubricated.
Vitamin C is also a more general cure, helping to boost your immune system which will in turn decrease the itching in your throat.

For lozenges and cough drops, I prefer using ones that are medicated, such as Coolex o essay find that these make my itchy throat go away it faster. These are particularly useful for singers who suffer from having an itchy throat.

Another great cure for singers is gargling with warm salt water. This helps to allow the vocal cords that have been strained to function more normally, and when I am singing a lot this helps!

The only home cure for an tickly throat that I will give you is the one that seems to work for me. it is a combination of other cures and works miracles! I boil a pot of water with chopped up ginger root and lemons and drink this concoction like tea with a lot of honey. If I also need to clear out my sinuses I will add a little bit of black pepper or even cayenne. Try it out and see what works for you!

A constantly itchy throat is terrible, I hope these tips will help you be breathing and talking normally soon! Feel free to post your tips and tricks for getting rid of an tickle in your throat