Hacking your Body

There are a number of tricks that you can use to “hack” your body if you know how to use them. It's not magic, just little tricks or tips that can allow you to use more of your natural potential! I have compiled a list of all the best body hacks, ranging from the obvious to the truly incredible. Increase your natural physical and mental function by tapping into these secret techniques!

Dealing With Pain:
There are a number of tricks to deal with pain that people use, ranging from meditation to biting their thumb to divert attention. Here are a few that require no special training but you might not have heard of before. [On a side note, did you know that the saying “bite the bullet” came from field medicine during wartime before anesthetic? Military medics needing perform operations on wounded soldiers would give the injured man a bullet to bite down on to keep focus off the pain as well as insuring they didn't bite off their tongue! Ouch!) Using these tricks shouldn't replace prescribed painkillers, but are great for dealing with more common aches and pains in a natural manner!
Dealing With Pain during Shots
The No-Pain Flu Shot:
If getting shots is something that gets you scared, coughing might help. According to German scientists, coughing raises the pressure in the chest and spinal column which temporarily dulls the pain conductors there. By coughing the pain of a jab is not felt as acutely. Hack your nervous system!

No-Blister Burns:
If you get a minor burn from touching a hot object running it under cold water can potentially make it blister. If you clean it and press the burnt finger to your skin it will normalize the temperature more slowly, preventing blistering. Do not try this for more major burns, seek medical attention from a professional immediately!
Solve your Stich when running
Solving Your Stitch:
I used to be a runner and have since fallen out of practice. One of the greatest body hacks for running that I was told was how to solve the problem of a stitch in your side. Most people exhale as their right foot is striking the ground when you run. If you switch your breathing so you are exhaling on the left side instead this will help that nasty stitch! The reason for this is that breathing on the right foot adds pressure on the liver which is situated on the right side of your body (hence most stitches happen on the right side). If your stitch is on the left, the body hack works in reverse; just switch to the right.

The Magic Toothache Fix:
If you are suffering from a toothache there is body hack that it takes trying to believe! Take an ice cube and press it on the little flap of skin between your thumb and first finger. Working in a similar way to acupuncture, the cold on your hand actually inhibits pain from the nerves in your teeth. It really isn't a cure, so make sure to get it checked out, but this body hack will ease your mouth's suffering on the way to the dentists. This trick can also inhibit pain in your hands, but we already would probably ice those for injuries, it's less fun to ice your face!

Body Hacking Discomfort: It's The Little Things That Count!

Ok, so maybe you aren't actually in pain, but something a little bit smaller is bugging you instead. Scratches, itches, dizziness, and other afflictions are susceptible to body hacking, so learn these tricks and ease your way through life! Plus, they will probably impress your friends!

Clear Out Your Cold:
If your are feeling under the weather and your voice comes out like you are talking underwater Lisa DeStefano, D.O., from the College ofOsteopathic Medicine at Michigan State U, has a body hack that might help. Press on the space in between your eyebrows with your pointer finger and then release and press your tongue against to top of your mouth. Repeat these alternating actions for about half a minute rocks the vomer bone and makes your nose and sinuses clear right up up!
Body hack your body's pain
Solving Sneezing:
If you have cleared out your sinuses but are still sneezing this body hacking trick might be applicable. There's nothing worse than that feeling of needing to sneeze but not quite being able to. Just look into a bright light when the sneeze comes on to hack your body into following through!

How to Body Hack a Tickly Throat:
Don't you hate that feeling of something just tickling your throat? To solve this body hacking stye, all you need to do is itch your ear. It stimulates a similar section of your brain and can provide temporary relief. There are a few more tricks for a constantly ticklish throat, but that's my favorite!

Hacking Heartburn Med-Free:
Suffer from heartburn at night? This won't help all the time but try sleeping on your left side. The throat and stomach are attached with by an angular connection; sleeping on the right side of your body causes gravity to help the heart burn. By flipping over you hack your body by switching the angle and using Newton to hack heartburn!

Wake Up Your Body, Hacker-Style
If your arms or hands fall asleep it could be because of compressed nerves in your neck. Try gently rolling your head from side to side to loosen them and wake up your limbs. Unfortunately, the only cure for legs and feet is walking around, pins and needles here you come!
Need to Pee? Hack your body
Holding It In: Hacking The Need to Pee!
This is a trick for the male-bodied readers out there. Thinking about sex overrides the part of your brain that needs to pee, providing some temporary relief! For women, one body hack that is reported to work is scratching your leg on your thigh. If you test this out, make sure to report back, I can't vouch for it!

In the next installment I will help you hack your body to stop nervous shaking, listen better, eat ice cream without a cold headache, deal with drunken dizziness and prevent hangovers. Maybe it should be called the date night body hackers guide! Also check out natural painkillers available on Amazon.com.
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