Wouldn't it be great if everyone was completely honest and up front about their feelings. If they just flat out told you how they felt about you. It would make life so much easier, but it would also suck all the adventure right out. However, while what someone says may keep their feelings a mystery, their body tells no lies. Body language says wonders about what a person is thinking and feeling. Knowing how to read it makes relationships a lot simpler while not completely removing the mystery of dating. At very least, it will help you gauge if the money you put down buying a person some drinks at a bar is worthwhile or a wasted cause. It is a worthwhile skill to take up if you are big on the dating scene and want to save some money and save yourself from heartbreak.

body language

Eyebrow Raise

Eyebrows may seem like a pretty pointless feature on a face other than to make the eyes look better, but they are little tattletales. When the eyebrows go up, you've piqued their interest. They like what they see or they are happy to see you. When they go down, it is best to back off. They are suspicious at your motives or annoyed to see you. You have to keep your eyes open for this sign though, it is immediate, so you have to be on the ball to catch it. However,  eyebrows are the most honest feature on the face. Many people do not consider them when they consider their body language, so thus they make no effort to control what they do.

The Smile

Unlike eyebrows, smiles can be a little tricky. They are easy to fake, however if you know the traits of a true smile, then it is a sign that someone is digging you. A real smile is accompanied by eye contact. It is broad, so none of that half smile stuff, and will show teeth. With a genuine smile, you will also see some facial movement. Not just lines around the lips, but the corners of the eyes will crinkle as well.

However, if you are greeted with a thin lipped, corners downturned smile, it is definitely fake. However, at least they made the effort to smile at you, so there is that.


The Lean

The direction a person leans is an easy indicator on how they feel about you. However, they can be tricky sometimes. I mean, maybe they are just leaning that way because it is comfortable. it is best to use this accompanied with some of the other body language symbols.

Obviously, if a person likes you they will lean in towards you. If you are not likes, the opposite is true, they will lean away or look tense as a board. However, if they are tense, you may just be making them nervous.

When standing, if you are liked, they will angle their full body towards you perhaps even move in closer. However, if you are not welcome they will angle away and stand their ground, unless you approach. Then it is probably they may take a few small steps back. Again, this is tricky as some people like more personal space than others.


People never think about looking at a person's feet when they are talking to them. Feet, like eyebrows, are often some of the most honest bits of the body. People don't think about them, they don't fake them. When a person is talking to you, standing or sitting, if they are interested their feet will be pointing at you or in a v shape. If their feet are point away from you, then they are ready to make a quick escape if they can take no more of your company.


Did that girl just touch your arm as she laughed at your joke? Well, she is totally into you. Good job! This one is obvious, when people like you, especially sexually, they will touch you. Even if it is just a simple excuse as to brush something off your shoulder. Touching is always good. If you initiate touching, hoping it wills secretly let them know that you are into them, be sure to do it in small amounts and avoid any awkward places. Shoulders and arms are generally the safest bets.

There is really no opposite side, if they don't touch you it doesn't mean they hate you. However, if you touch them and they cringe away that is a bad sign.

It Is All In The Eyes

Everyone who has even dabbled in body language knows that the eyes are where it is at most of the time. Notice that the object of your eye is maintaining eye contact, maybe even staring a little too long, even staring at your lips? They are probably liking what they see, or at least deciding it they do.

People love to make a point on how superficial they are not, but unconsciously everyone is. The eyes are essentially the private inspectors of our unconscious selves. Feeding them information so that they can make a decisions.

girl playing with hair

Playing With Hair

This one many only be for women. I have never seen a man play with his hair ever. When a woman is on a date, she will play with her hair, mostly unconsciously. However, women to believe that playing with their hair is an international symbol for "hey, I like you" so it may even be intentional.

Regardless, if she is touching her hair, twirling it, flipping it, stuff like that she is into you.


This tidbit on body language may be old but it does not make it any less true. When someone likes you, they will mirror you. You may think they are playing a game of copy cat if you catch it, but more often than not it is unintentional. For example, if you take a drink, they may do the same. When you eat something, they eat something.

Personally, if I catch it, I find it fun to manipulate it. However, it does indeed mean that they like you.