Job interview tips

For most of people who know little or nothing about body language, passing an interview isn’t always an easy task because they have to speak more and prove that they are worthy for the position that is being offered. What if there was a shortcut for all this? Would you get more jobs every time you apply for them? Well, there is a shortcut and the shortcut is all about your body language and the way you carry yourself around.

Job intervies tips : Proper Body language

There are many things to know about body language for job interviews such as where your eyes should rest during the interview, how you should sit during the interview, what you should do with your hands and how to perceive the signals that your interviewers are sending you. No one has to cram them since as a human being, you were programmed to read these signals but when you find a better way of understanding these signals then you’ll know what to do in the interview.

Before looking at what body language for a job interview entails, you should know that your response to time will also be used to determine the kind of person you really are. Showing up late for your job interview shows that you aren’t interested in the job and it would be worse if you start giving lame excuses like “there was traffic” or “my car broke down”. Showing up too early is also not that good since it will make you nervous and the interviewers may think that you are anxious or even desperate for the job. Compare a desperate person to a confident one and try to think of who would get the job. The confident person will certainly get it because he/she is showing that everything is under control.

Your sitting posture speaks lots about you during an interview. Adopting a posture that shows interest in whatever is being said while coming across as calm makes the interviewers know that they are dealing with someone who is capable of doing the job. Doing this is easy since all you have to do is ensure that you sit up straight with your back being against the back of the chair and you have to make sure that you maintain this position all through with minimal changes in the way that you sit. Slouching shows disinterest and sitting too close to the edge of the chair will tell everyone that you may be a bit tense. Tension cancels out confidence and no one would really want that in a job interview.

Your arms should never be folded during a job interview since this will make the interviewer find you defensive. It would be better if you loosely place your hands on your lap or on the armrests of the chair you are sitting on. Doing this allows you to find it easier to use hand gestures. Remember to always reveal your palms when using gestures since this will make you be perceived as honest. The interviewers will also regard you as honest when you look directly into them. Interviewers are human beings as well so they will also reveal some signals which can tell you whether you are doing well or whether they should summon the next person and you can find ways of using this information to your advantage.