People do not talk about the body pimples they get from time to time because they assume that having pimples on their body is just weird. They have this assumption that pimples, white heads, black heads etc can only pop out on the face and when they experience body pimples, they hide them from others, considering them an odd thing. Yes, there is no doubt about the fact that experiencing acne in general and body pimples in particular are a miserable condition and no one can understand better but the one who is going through it. The most hated thing one gets from other people is their looks in a pool or a shower room. It is because people take acne, especially body pimples as a result of poor hygiene.

In fact, it is not weird to have acne anywhere on your body because medically, it is not at all limited to your face. As a matter of fact, most of the people who have acne on face or acne on chin are more likely to have acne on their body too. Body pimples or body acne is a genetic thing, means that you inherent it from your parents for the most part. It is so much a genetic thing that if you have acne in a particular spot, the odds are high for at least one of your parents having the same problem at one time or the other. Having body acne is both bad and good thing at the same time. Since it is highly genetic, you have less control over it and that can be a big downer for you. On the other hand you can talk to your parents about it and they can relate to it and tell you what they did to overcome their acne.

Body Pimples

Treating Body Pimples:

Treating body pimples rightly are very important for you, both mentally and physically. The body pimples are the same as face pimples but found on different parts of the body including legs, arms, buttocks, chest and back. These pimples are caused by the same clogged pores of the skin as on face but the difference is that on body they get rubbed an irritated by the clothing and make wearing clothes very uncomfortable. Body pimples are easily spread through bacterial infection through clothing that is why they are more contagious and painful than face pimples.

The available treatments of facial acne like sulfur acne treatment can be applied on body acne but extra care is required in wearing dry and clean cotton clothing all the time. Cotton is a better material as compared to other fabrics which cause excessive sweating and worsen the condition. Do not pop body pimples, it can be tempting but it can never help you at all, instead popping pimples leave acne scars. Clothes should be washed with hypo allergenic soap and rinsed thoroughly. The skin should be washed with body acne soap available in the market and dried with a clean soft cotton cloth. The affected area is buffed gently to remove dead skin which often clogs the pores further.

There are many effective acne solutions available in the market which deals the cause of body acne rather than symptoms in shape of body pimples. These systematic acne solutions have given a hope to patients of scaring body acne conditions.