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When you wear body shapers for weight loss they will feel uncomfortable at first this is due to the degree of compression needed to assist in weight loss. The body shaper is simply a weight loss tool, if you will, as is exercise and diet. Granted, wearing a body shapers isn't as difficult as exercise or dieting, but it is does cause some discomfort. However, this feeling won't last forever; it will subside in time, especially for those people who are used to wearing tight clothing. If you're use to wearing baggy clothes then it might take longer to get used to firm body shapers.

You see, there are body shapers for weight loss and body shapers that don't do much, if anything at all, when it comes to losing weight. The difference in the two is primarily the level of compression, weight loss body shapers are designed to do just that; help with weight loss. Other body shapers simply redistribute weight to make it appear as though you have lost weight. They make good weight loss motivators, however, because they allow you to see how much better you can look.

In case you may be wondering what the difference is in shapewear and body shapers there isn't any. They're both considered to be compression garments and come in a variety of levels of compression. There is also sports compression wear, which is designed to provide extra support for muscles that are involved in vigorous activity to prevent injuries and enhance performance. You don't want to get mixed up and choose shapewear that isn't designed to do what you want it to.

Most weight loss body shapers advertise and list in the features and description that they are designed to help with weight loss. If it doesn't then most likely it is shapewear that will make you appear slimmer, but nothing more. Keep in mind that even though a weight loss body shaper will help with losing weight that you still need to exercise and keep a watch on calories. While you may want to believe that body shapers can perform miracles they cannot.

A high level of compression is the primary reason for weight loss with this type of firm shapewear. There are a couple of common sense things involved as well, like not being able to eat as much food when you wear them due to the uncomfortable feeling you get when wearing tight clothes. Then, there is the fact that they tend to make one sweat, so there is a loss of water weight. As a result, you drink more water and when you fill up on water you don't want to eat as much.

These little things add up over time and it will take time. Weight loss shapewear doesn't work overnight, it is a long term commitment that involves consistency. It isn't a good idea to lose weight quickly anyway, since it isn't safe nor does it last. This is sometimes referred to as yo yo dieting as weight goes up and down like a yo yo. We now know that the longer it takes to lose weight the longer it stays off. It's a matter of replacing old eating habits with new ones.

A couple of other impressive benefits of firm shapewear are that it can improve posture and provide extra back support. Many people who are overweight have back problems and tend to slouch a good bit, especially women who are large busted. We could all stand to sit up straighter and give our backs a much needed break don't you think?

Popular Weight Loss Body Shapers

You can find most of these weight loss body shapers and brands of shapewear on Amazon complete with reviews and ratings for more in depth details.

 Our first popular brand of weight loss body shapers is Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear. They carry all levels of compression garments for areas that women have the most problems with from just under the bustline to the knees such as panties, corsets, waist cinchers and full body. There is much to choose from as they carry an extensive line of weight loss shapewear.

Elite is another brand that makes quality body shapers for both weight loss and every day wear. They too, carry elegant shapewear and lingerie for special occasions. Elite is a newer line that is gaining in popularity rather quickly and is priced competitively along with the others.

Also, check out Co'coon they are an established company that is well recognized in the shapewear arena for their quality and meeting the needs of women with flattering fun time lingerie as well as every day undergarments.  They also carry shapewear for men.

Next, we have Vedette that carries a full line of weight loss body shapers for women that are quite capable of meeting all your reshaping and body sculpting needs.

Lastly, but not least, consider Ardyss Body Magic Shapers they are very well known and sometimes referred to as Body Magic. These body shapers for weight loss are elegant in style and perform like magic just as they promise. You can't go wrong with this one.