There are many different types of body types that you may be considering using. There are also many that you may have heard of, but you may not be sure of what they do. The creams, oils and powders all do different things so it is important to know what they are, before you use them.

Basic face cream and body cream is used every day by people across the world. The point of using this is that the cream will keep your face from getting dry throughout the day. Some people produce enough natural oil in their body, so they will not need to use this. However some people (especially people who suffer from dry skin) do not have this advantage. Depending on your environment (warm climates, dusty places) you may have to, or not have to wear the cream to keep your face from being dry. In some circumstances, this can often be recommended by your doctor, but it can be brought from over the counter in your local store.

Talcum powder was an invention used a long time before anti-perspirant deodorant. It was used to keep skin dry, rather than to keep it moist. It was also used to stop irritation from any forms of clothing, or anything that may rub against the skin in an everyday environment. It is commonly used among older people and small children. It has been used for years and will continue to provide us with nice dry non irritant skin.

Hand cream is not used as commonly as body lotion or body cream, however it is still just as important. Hand cream is usually used for people who have dry skin on their hands. Hand cream is usually quite thick, and will take longer to soak into the skin. This can also be recommended by your doctor. Many people use this regularly and use it constantly at intervals throughout the day, it will keep your skin moisturised.

Baby oil is another body product, but it is not solely used for babies. It is commonly used to keep the skin greasy rather than moisturised. You should use this if you suffer from dry skin when getting out of the bath or shower. It is great for children, and is another product which will stop clothes or materials from irritating against your skin.

Using these products on a daily basis will help you to maintain a healthy body, if you have any enquires then please consult the doctor; they will be able to tell you which body products will give the best results