Are you shopping for a nice treadmill and you're not sure what to buy? Buying bodyguard treadmills for sale can save you money in the short-term and the long-term. Bodyguard treadmills are some of the highest quality treadmills out on the market. They come with a generous and long warranty. Bodyguard products are made with durability, and strength that provide you with the high intensity workouts that you're looking for. You can shop for bodyguard treadmills for sale online for reasonable prices. Bodyguard treadmills are expensive, but they are worth their high prices. You'll end up wasting more money when you purchase cheap priced running treadmills that aren't durable and strong for power runners.

Most experts claim that the highest of quality running treadmills will start at $2,000 dollars. I've listed a few of the most popular and highest quality bodyguard treadmills to buy for powerful running workouts. Bodyguard sells commercial and residential treadmills. Residential treadmills can provide you with a great workout similar to high quality commercial treadmills, and they're not as heavy and hard to move as commercial treadmills. Obviously commercial treadmills have more features and is a more powerful treadmill. Commercial treadmills are used more for gyms and fitness centers, but if you really want the best treadmill available, then there's certainly nothing wrong with purchasing a commercial bodyguard treadmill.

Why buy bodyguard treadmills and what to look for

The first thing that you always want to look for when buying quality treadmills is a long warranty on the product. If it has a short warranty, it's likely not a very durable product. The highest of quality treadmills will stand by their products for durability. A short-warranty treadmill will be a much cheaper purchase price wise, but you won't get the guaranteed durability of your treadmill. If you're looking for the highest quality of home treadmills, or commercial treadmills, then bodyguard treadmills are what you're looking for. A lot of their popular products have won awards for top quality treadmills out on the market. Not only are bodyguard treadmills loaded with features, they're strong treadmills that will provide you with thorough workouts for a very long time. They are not lightweight walking treadmills. They can still be used for light workouts or powerful running workouts for athletes. Bodyguard treadmills are for all types or runners, or walkers.

Residential Bodyguard treadmills for sale

Bodyguard T240 treadmill - The T240 is a quality home treadmill, and one of bodyguard's most popular products out on the market. It's not one the more spacious bodyguard treadmills, but that doesn't mean it's not spacious enough to provide you with plenty of running or walking room. The belt dimensions are 20" x 57". The T240 is a strong treadmill that will support up to 350 pounds. It features a 2.75 HP motor, and will go up to max speeds of 10 mph and incline up to 15%. Features 9 different workouts that include walking, hill climbing, justgo, weight loss, cardiovascular, heart rate control, speed run, 2 memory, and 2 user id. Comes with customizable settings on the console. The treadmill is made with fully welded steel and only weighs 218 pound. Also includes a heart rate feature that comes with digital contact bars and a chest strap. You can find these bodyguard treadmills for sale online at professional fitness, ebay, fitness factory and Home Gym Central. Prices are around the $2,000 range.

Warranty: Frame lifetime, motor lifetime, parts 10 years, labor 3 years.

Bodyguard T460X treadmill - I'd highly recommend the T460 treadmill if you're looking for a home treadmill for hardcore running workouts. The T460X is a high quality home treadmill for power running. It's definitely more expensive than the T240, but its a better product too. The treadmill is very spacious, with a 20" x 63" running belt. Features a 3.4 HP motor and goes up to max speeds of 12 mph. This treadmill has won awards on fitness professor review's website for the highest quality treadmill under $4,500. The treadmill features speed, elevation, calories, and distance on the console. It comes with a justgo, speed, elevation, cool down, pause and stop keys programs. Also features a heart rate monitor, electronic stride control, and a Sorbothane Shock Dissipation System Plus. The SDS+ makes the treadmill compatible for senior citizens with arthritis, sore joints, or those nurturing an injury to use the treadmill as a rehab exercise machine. The best place to buy this body treadmill for sale is at Home Gym Central. Prices are going slightly below $4,000.

Warranty: frame lifetime, motor lifetime, parts lifetime, labor 2-3 years.

Commercial Bodyguard treadmills for sale

Bodyguard T500 treadmill - An award winning treadmill on fitness professor review's website, it's one of bodyguard's finest commercial treadmills. The body guard treadmill goes for a good price too. The commercial treadmill includes 5 different workout levels, standard HR bars and a reading rack, and features 11 workout programs. Features a steel welded frame, weighing 295 pounds and supports up to 400 pounds of weight. The T500 treadmill features a 3.4 HP motor, that goes up to max speeds of 12 mph. The treadmill will incline up to 15% and comes with console features of time, distance, calories, and specific exercise goals. You can purchase the award winning commercial bodyguard treadmill for sale online at ebay and fitness factory. Prices are on sale for under $4,000.

Warranty(4 different warranties) for premium plus: frame lifetime, motor lifetime, pars life time, labor 3 years.

Standard warranty: frame lifetime, motor 5 years, parts 5 years, labor 2 years.

Bodyguard T700 commercial treadmill - The T700 is one of the newer bodyguard treadmills out on the market. It's the kind of high quality treadmill that you'd find at a local gym, or a doctor's office. The frame is made with fully welded gauge steel. It's a huge treadmill, that weighs 410 pounds. It's a power runner; with a 4 HP motor that will go up to max speeds of 15 mph and inclines up to 15%. It's a very spacious running treadmill, that comes with a 22" x 61" running surface. Features include end caps, crossbar, longer handlebars, and 4 inch rollers. Other features include scrolling screen 22 digits, quick speed keys, quick program keys, silicone keys, and quick keys. Includes a polar compatible heart rate receiver and three different heart rate control modes. Comes with a chest strap, and 14 workout programs. Retail prices for this commercial bodyguard treadmill usually goes as high as $8,000. However, it's going for sale for a great price under $4,500 at

Warranty: frame lifetime, motor lifetime, parts 10 years, wear and tear 1 year, labor 3 years.