Final Verdict

So, the final verdict? The Bodylastics 14pcs Resistance Bands package is all the exercise equipment needed for challenging, interesting, beneficial, and fun workouts. There is enough weight variety to keep all fitness levels motivated, and the attachments allow for great upper and lower body strength training. Overall the Bodylastics has it all, it's portable, versatile, and easy to use. On the road, inside or out, this quality fitness package is hard to beat.

Not for compound exercises! Bodylastics will do wonders on isolation but will not give you a satisfying compound exercise workout. 


The Bodylastics 13pcs Resistance Bands fitness package looked like it might be exactly the answer to the exercise doldrums, so we put it to the test.  


Meet the New Face of Resistance Bands

Not long ago exercise resistance bands were the newest and coolest addition to most any aerobic workout. They were fun, they engaged the core, worked muscles to their full range of motion, but -- they didn't hold up. They snapped or went slack; lost their elasticity or ricocheted on the user. Worse, they were a one size fits all product. They were often too short or not long enough to suit everyone. 

The first thing that really stands out as you open the box is the superior quality of the equipment. I have used cheaper bands before, and I can tell that there was a great deal of thought and testing put into this particular products design. 

The bands, straps, and handles are premium quality gear and a good value by themselves. The endpoints are reinforced with a rigid amalgamation of steel, plastic and nylon. Handles are removable and are made with tough nylon and plastic mix.  Add to that, the Bodylastics 13pcs Resistance Bands come with a lifetime warranty, links to on-line Liveercise, and a five program CD; making this the ultimate affordable workout.

The best part is that you can still get an excellent, gym-level workout in virtually any room. Exercises are thoughtfully designed to accomodate scenatios where the user is in close quarters. 

Ultra Portable
Everything you need to exercise fits into a typical gym bag for easy transportation. Take it with you on your business trips and it wont add pounds to your carryon. 


The five CDs offer a wealth of information and good fitness tips, as well as exercises designed specifically for the Bodylastics bands. Even experienced workout fans will find new and challenging routines. And, with their unique anywhere anchor, you can use the Bodylastic bands outside. They easily attach to flagpoles, metal fencing, and other columns. Indoors, there is the rugged heavy-duty door anchor attachment. The anchors make those lower body workouts a breeze. Indoors, outdoors, anywhere, the Bodylastic bands are versatile and portable.


Focused on Isolation Exercises. 

This is not for the gym buffs. If you are a weight lifter, this will do very little but offer basic conditioning and you can forget about Compound exercises, there is not enough resistance for any of those. This is purely isolation equipment. Of course, it is possible to innovate and come up with compound exercises but this will not replace the heavy weightlifting at the gym. 

Packaging is Ghastly!

Poor packaging makes this look like a returned parcel from a previous order. Rips in the box and banged up dents on the exterior and cheap plastic ziplock bags that usually can't stand up to frequent use and will tear. If you are planing on giving this as a gift to someone and appearance is a factor, I suggest you have a packaging alternative in mind. The equipment arrived in a decent box but the placement inside was messy! I didn't mind the visceral eyesore because the actual quality of the equipment has made up for its shortcoming in packaging appearance.

Truly, the hardest part about exercising is the "doing it." It may be a popular motivational and marketing phrase to "just do it," but actually making the effort to work out is hard. What would really makes a difference is finding "a go anywhere, do anywhere" fitness routine that is fun, challenging, and easy to change up. Is that even possible? 

Lots of other exercise solutions make you stick to a particular rigid workout system with repetitive exercises that do not change with every workout. 

Bodylastics is based on elastic band system, which allows you varrying degrees of movement with every set and every workout. This will confuse your muscles and therefore create a more effective workout.


Bodylastics 13pcs Resistance Bands *MAX TENSION XT Set

Bodylastics 13-Piece Maximum Tension XT Resistance Band System (5 Exercise Tubes, and 7 DVDs)
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(price as of Mar 18, 2014)
Bodylastics has taken the original idea of fitness bands to a whole new level, engineering a quality product that is stronger, more durable, and more adaptable than ever imagined. The new Bodylastics 14pcs Resistance Bands set comes loaded with ample equipment to get the job done. There are six bands included in the set, with weights of 3, 5, 8, 13, 19, and 23 lbs. These come with a pair of attachable handles and ankle straps. This is a huge improvement over the old fitness bands that had built-in handles to be used on both hands and feet. Those often separated right from band. The Bodylastics bands are latex dipped which is what gives them their superior durability and strength.