Bodyweight exercise is a form of strength training that requires no free weights. The persons own bodyweight is the resistance behind this form of exercise. Bodyweight exercise has been around for a very long time and is still extremely popular even with all the latest high tech weight resistance machines that are in the marketplace.

The three most popular bodyweight exercises are the push up, pull up and sit up. The advantages to this type of exercise is the exercises can be completed in the comfort of your own home. No expensive gym memberships to pay and working out at home is a fantastic time saver. But bodyweight exercise does have its disadvantages, for starters the weight being lifted at each workout is always the same, unless you dramatically lose or gain weight. The only way to increase the intensity of your workout is by adding weights to your body and increasing the amount of reps you complete.

But the pros, certainly outweigh the cons when it comes to bodyweight exercise. If your main aim is to build big muscles and be extremely strong. Then lifting weights is going to be the route you will need to take, but to add variety to your workouts adding bodyweight exercises will help with your overall progress. If you are extremely strong there are some advanced bodyweight exercises that you can add to your workout. Handstand pushups are a brilliant exercise for your shoulders and arms. To perform an handstand pushup, get yourself into an handstand position against a wall, then slowly lower yourself down with your arms till your head touches the floor repeat this for 8 to 11 reps for a great upper body workout.

Another hardcore bodyweight exercise is the one arm pushup, this exercise is fantastic for building up the pectoral muscles, but it isn't easy it requires extreme strength and stability. To perform this exercise you need to get yourself into the standard push up position, then put one arm behind your back and slowly lower your body with your other arm till your chest almost touches the floor. Complete as many reps as you can, if you are able to complete 10 one handed press ups then consider yourself to be extremely strong. So if you are looking at building yourself a lean athletic ripped up physique bodyweight exercise is a great way to do it. Once you become stronger, to continue to keep getting the most out of bodyweight exercising you will definitely need to invest in a weights vest. So you can quickly and easily increase the weight that you are lifting on each different exercise.