If you like to express yourself with a Bohemian style like so many others, you’ll want to find where some Bohemian clothing stores are. With its roots in folk fashion and the hippie trends of the 60’s, Bohemian clothing is overall romantic and artsy-crafty, with an ethnic flair that is laid back. Many people love wearing this type of clothing to express themselves in some sort of unconventional artistic way in a world that is more modern. You can even see many celebrities enjoying this type of clothing. This article about Bohemian clothing stores will point you to some of the best stores that offer them

Planet Blue
Bohemian Clothing Stores - Planet BlueCredit: www.shopplanetblue.comYou will find Planet Blue to be true to a real alternative to the mass retail stores in the shopping malls. Opening its first location in 1995 in Malibu, California, their aim is to create a shopping experience that is comfortable yet exciting with a selection of the newest fashions from around the world which they present in a laid back manner. They have an easy to navigate site where you can shop by the current trends, style, or what the stars are wearing. You can also shop more traditionally by what type of piece you are looking for whether it be tops, bottoms, dresses or accessories. There are also beach and sale categories.

Bohemian Clothing Stores - ThreadSenceCredit: www.threadsence.comThreadSence aspires to not just be a brand, but a lifestyle. Catering to people who are indie-inspired and free-spirited, the culture of their store is focused around things such as art and literature, shows and music festivals and fashion which is driven by trends. Their shop is their way of combining their love of music, love and art which they wish to share with their customers through their clothing and accessories. Here you can shop by your regular categories, or choose from their own such as glam and grunge, California winter and vegan and faux pieces. They have items ranging from their clothing to jewelry, shoes, and outerwear.

Bohemian Clothing Stores - BohemiaCredit: www.bohemiadesign.co.ukFirst opening in 2006, Bohemia strives to find unique and beautiful products to present to their customers in their goal to find a wider audience. They have a thoughtfully prepared selection of home furnishings, women’s clothing, accessories, toiletries, baby clothing, children’s clothing, stationery, gifts and toys. Bohemia is the perfect place for customers looking for something different from the mainstream shopping experience. With their online store they have reached a global audience and they take much pride in providing a high level of personal service with their staff that is friendly and knowledgeable.

Free People
Bohemian Clothing Stores - Free PeopleCredit: www.freepeople.comFree People is dedicated to designing and making clothing for the young, twenty-something woman who encompasses all who a smart, well-rounded and independent woman is. They offer up many options so that you can mix and match your pieces however you want to fit your individual style, and even if you go shopping with your girlfriend you won’t come out looking like twins. They have so many clothing options and also offer shoes, accessories, swimwear and intimates. They plan to further expand their accessory and intimate lines in the near future.

In concluding this list of Bohemian clothing stores, Bohemian style clothing is a style all its own. It can be very beautiful and artsy and has many popular items such as its long flowing skirts. Now it is even easier to find this type of clothing because of online Bohemian clothing stores such as these where you can find many unique items to complement your own unique style.