Fulfill your lust for travel and fantastic places!

A little bit of heaven! Scenic spots, tranquil ambiance, warm and hospitable people, and far from urban chaos, this is how Bohol is aptly described.

Chocolate Hills. The magnificence of their almost uniform shapes and sizes are just one of the most visited destinations of tourists from all over the world. So named for their color during dry months, these large scattering of hills numbers up to more than a thousand karst cones. One of the former Eight Wonders of the World, this splendid natural creation encompasses three towns; two tourist spots have been developed since, the Chocolate Hills Complex in the town of Carmen and the Sagbayan Peak in the town of Sagbayan. Enhancing these glorious God-given gift of nature, the developers aim to provide the weary traveler an impressive vista of beautiful hills, the far sea and a ceiling of clear, blue skies unmarred by pollution.

The Loboc River. Another must-have when it comes to experiencing Bohol, the Loboc River Cruise has gained worldwide fame. A cruise along the winding Loboc-Loay River will definitely bring you that pleasing encounter with stunning scenery, native culture, and scrumptious food. No tourist can negate the total enjoyment from the pleasant trip upriver while dining on a floating restaurant with music and entertainment from locals. The majestic river provides the calm and relaxation required after your other excursions. Night-time upriver rides are also very popular for nature-lovers; the soothing effect of the night sounds and tranquil waters is incomparable.

E.A.T. Danao. With outdoor activities getting more attention and becoming a fad, it is definitely a good idea to try the superb setting of Danao Adventure Park. You will not just be able to commune with virgin forests and undisturbed elements of nature; you will also get the exciting outdoor activities you want to experience. Plunging into 200 foot deep ravine and swinging along its 300 meter wide expanse will definitely get adrenaline pumping into your blood; this is what The Plunge is made for. Dreaming of riding the wind like Superman? The Skyride surely hits the mark. If you’re still hankering for more surprises, the kayaking, river tubing, root climbing and rappelling will certainly quench your thirst. Extreme action, anyone?

Baclayon Church. If you’re in the mood for some cultural spelunking, visit this age-old stone church, a museum of artifacts, relics and valuable religious statues which are centuries old. A living reminder of how Filipinos were oppressed in the Spanish occupation, even by those who profess to preach about the Lord; this landmark also features dungeons which served as torture chambers in those miserable days. It is a startling contrast of piety and cruelty in a single place.

Panglao beaches. Unbelievable white sands, pristine waters, magnificent underwater scenery, and beautiful people; Panglao embodies this features, and more. Always a definite stopover for foreigners, you will never cease to be amazed by the natural beauty of this island. This is where you see fine, white sand in its natural location, nothing imported. The clean waters, unspoiled by floating trash and debris, are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The dive spots offer marvelous undersea panorama of colorful corals and fishes.

Looking for some change of location and a chance to bond with your family with a taste of heaven as a plus? Put Bohol in your itinerary and you will never regret doing so. Absolutely worth your time and money!