Boise Condos are quickly becoming a popular housing choice in the Boise, Idaho area, and for very good reasons. The Boise housing market prices are still much lower than most areas of the United States, and that carries over into the condo market as well. And when you consider the advantages that condos offer over more "traditional" housing arrangements, it's hard not to seriously consider boise condos as your next home.

Thanks to a recent population explosion and an increased demand for condos, Boise now has more condo options than ever before. And because many of these units were built within the last few years, they come with that "new construction" advantage: Less up-front maintenance, newer built-in appliances, more efficient furnaces and air conditioning units and more modern floor plans.

Boise is generally divided into several submarkets - sometimes called "neighborhoods" or even "boroughs." The each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but in terms of finding a great condo at a great price, there are deals to be found in each market. If you're looking for a Boise Condo, take a look at the list below to further refine your search.

Downtown Boise Condos

Boise's downtown sector is by far the most "happening" part of town, and is ripe with boutique shops, art galleries, music, night clubs and street performers. And like any downtown sector of any major city, it's also the home of several big corporate offices, as well as the idaho capital building and courthouse.

There are a wide variety of downtown boise condos available, ranging from the elite high-rise types favored by the upper classes to the budget boise condos favored by younger people looking to live in the heart of downtown Boise's most expressive area.

Boise Bench Condos

"The Bench" is a very popular area of Boise, and has neighborhoods that reflect a very diverse group of people. While there are many areas of high-quality (and high priced) older homes, there are also several renter neighborhoods. And of course everything in between. In terms of diversity, Boise's Bench offers the most. And it's only minutes away from Downtown Boise, the Boise Airport and even the Freeway (Interstates 84 and 184).

Because of the big diversity in this area, you can find Boise Bench Condos that fit just about every budget or need. There are several high-quality condo units that offer great construction and floor plans, and there are also several budget-friendly condos as well. Many first time home buyers choose a Boise Bench Condo as their first "home" because they cost considerably less than a traditional home, and the monthly mortgage payments often come in lower than a comparable house or appartment rent payment.

South Boise Condos

Though there is much contention of what "South Boise" really means, most Boiseans agree that it includes anything South of Downtown Boise, which includes the area around Boise State University and several "character" neighborhoods - those that were built decades ago but are very meticulously maintained.

Finding a South Boise Condo isn't too difficult, as builders have recently found that the University community loves these types of living arrangements. So if you're a college person, you're in luck! But even if you're not looking for any further education, the South Boise is still a great place to live. People are friendly, crime is low and -believe it or not - the "college crowd" doesn't cause many problems. And as an added bonus, should you choose to rent out your South Boise Condo, you can all but guarantee that a college kid will jump on the opportunity within days.

Boise North End Condos

Boise's "North End" is the oldest residential area in the city. Not long ago it was an eyesore of out-of-date homes and high crime, but within the last decade or two, the homeowners decided to clean up and restore their properties and root out the deadbeats. As a result, the North End is one of the most desirable areas of Boise!

Strict building codes mean its hard for traditional condo builders to put together new units, but that's actually a good thing for those who like the "old fashioned" feel of their homes. So instead of the usual apartment-looking condos, you'll find people who have converted their 1930's or 1940's era homes into condo units that feature separate bedrooms, but common areas. It's definately a throwback to older days, but it has become a very popular choice amongst people looking for Boise Condos, specifically those who favor older architecture and a strong sense of community.

Southeast Boise Condos

As Boise has grown, it has spread in two major directions: Southeast and West. Southeast Boise is almost self-sufficient, in that almost every major store chain has set up shop there, and the schools consistently earn high marks. It has become one of Boise's best areas for raising families. So if you've got school-aged children or value a quiter, subtle neighborhood, finding a Southeast Boise Condo might be your best bet.

Another advantage of Southeast Boise is its proximity to one of Idaho's biggest private employers, Micron. The gigantic Micron campus is located just minutes away from Southeast Boise, along Interstate 84. So for the thousands of Micron employees, a Southeast Boise Condo is a popular choice.

West Boise Condos

Thanks to the growing suburbs of Meridaian, Eagle, Nampa and Caldwell (all located west of Boise), much of the city's growth is headed towards that direction: West. If the suburban life is your cup of tea, you won't find a better location than West Boise. And because almost every area of West Boise is newer, the streets and shops are cleaner, the landscaping is immaculate and shopping is abundant.

Finding The Best Boise Condos

There is no "one answer" for finding the perfect Boise Condo. It's all relative based on your wants, needs and financial abilities. What one person might find ideal, another might consider repulsive. But the great thing about Boise is that the city offers a massive amount of diversity for its size, meaning that the millionaires of the world will find condos that suit their preferences just as easily as the lower-incoming families.

And always remember that buying a condo is no different than buying a house. The mortgage process is identical, and should you find a better mortgage rate or package, you can always consider the refinance home mortgage process to save even more money.

My words of wisdom: Look around. See the city. Drive around and take notes. You'd be surprised at how many amenities Boise offers, and how the communities differ from one another. But one this is for sure, if you do your homework, you're sure to find a Boise Condo that will make you very happy for years, maybe even decades.