A pair of Boise State Booties proves that Bronco fans come in all shapes and sizes, including infants! If you've got a little Bronco fan in your household, or are shopping for one, it's hard to go wrong with Bronco gear. And with the continued success of the Boise State Broncos football program, fan apparel for the team's youngest fans is getting easier to find.

Why Boise State Booties?

Why not? Considering the outrageous apparel that some of the team's most die-hard fans wear on game days, a pair of baby booties doesn't even seem eccentric. Well, not that eccentric, anyway.

These days, it seems everyone is finding clever and creative ways to support their favorite sports teams. From shirts to jackets to ball caps to rain ponchos to face paint to window decals (I'm sure I let out plenty of others), it's hard not to show your team spirit. And while it's relatively easy to find Boise State gear for yourself, bringing Junior along to the games (or even just to the supermarket) will really turn some heads.

For the casual fans, a pair of Boise State Booties is an adorable alternative to regular booties. Babies need footwear anyway, so why not pick up something with a little more pizazz than the norm. At the very least, they'll look cute and you'll probably end up engaged in several conversations with Broncos fans.

For the die hard Boise State Broncos fans, supporting the team isn't an option, it's a way of life. There's no such thing as "too much team spirit." While anybody can put a Bronco baby shirt on their infant, not to many folks will go to the extreme of adding Boise State booties!

Where To Find Boise State Broncos Baby Booties

Boise State Baby BootiesI've only seen a couple of Broncos booties, and I'm at every Boise State home game (and many of the away games). Through the conversations I've had, I've concluded that there are only a few options for those interested in buy:

Amazon.com. What doesn't Amazon have? These Boise State Broncos Baby Booties are made from super soft materials and fit snug enough to stay on, but not so tight as to restrict your baby's foot. They also have a velcro strap to help keep it on. I've seen several of these in person, and they are very adorable. They're also amazing conversation starters.

The Bronco Shop. While I don't think the Bronco Shop has a constant supply of these, several people have told me they've purchased them there. I've been in there a few times looking for gifts for a friend's baby (the friend is equally as fanatical about the Broncos as I am, and it's both of our intentions to raise that child in the 'Bronco Way'), but never saw any there. It's possible that they're a season item, or that they were out of stock the few times I was there. But it's worth a shot if you live in the Boise area.

Custom Made. Several pairs of the Bronco booties I've seen were actually hand made by relatives. If you've got a seamstress in your family, or at least someone handy with a needle and thread, you might be able to convince them to make some Boise State booties for your little one.