One of the common arguments against allowing non-BCS schools such as Boise and TCU into the BCS bowl games is that they do not play in a strong football conference such as the SEC or the Pac 10. You look at the leagues such as the SEC and the PAC 10 and week after week they are playing top caliber teams but Boise is forced to play lower caliber games.

The common claim is that Boise State and similar schools such as TCU would not be able to win consistently week after week if they were in a strong football conference such as the SEC or Pac10.

Boise State has many scheduling problems. Boise wants to play big time schools but many of these schools will not schedule them. When they do play against them they generally win. Virginia Tech Boise State (27439)supporters said they would beat Boise State. Boise State beat Virginia Tech and not because of their poor performance when VA Tech lost again the next week to lowly James Madison. If Boise wins then that is still not enough. Why would these schools want to schedule Boise State when Boise State would prove a huge threat to their win loss record?

Boise State and similar schools are penalized by the chicken poop system the big schools have. If a major school such as Alabama played Boise in the regular season they would have nothing to gain and a lot to lose. If they lost they would say things such as "Oh Alabama's not as good as we thought", or "Alabama just didn't show up to this game." Boise would not get credit for winning the game even if they did win it.

That's the same things that were said about Oregon after they lost the season opener to Boise in 2009. Many of those things were also heard initially right after Boise beat Virginia Tech in their season opener for 2010.Oregon was an excellent team and Virginia Tech should play more to their level of play.

If Alabama instead of losing the season opener to Boise won then Alabama still would not gain anything as the strength of schedule is low for Boise. The weekly poll voters would assume that Boise was an easy opponent for them.

The claim that any school such as Boise State or TCU can beat any given team on any given day but could not do it week after week if these schools played in different conference such as the SEC or the Pac10 is wrong.

Any school can beat any school on any given day but can they do it week after week. Boise could and they have proved that. Each time they have faced a big name opponent the last few years they have won.

Boise will move to a new conference next year which will provide them some better games but still not at the PAC10 or SEC caliber. How will the move affect them? Will Boise State go the BCS National Championship game this year or will they have to settle for another Fiesta Bowl? Will Boise go undefeated for the rest of the season and if they do will they garner any support for it?