Boise State Pro Combat Jersey Blue

Nothing showcases the modern era of BSU football like the Boise State Pro Combat Jerseys that the team rolled out in their 2011 season opener against Georgia. But the best part is that Nike, who makes the entire Pro Combat lineup, is selling these very same jerseys to Boise State fans. That means that you could be wearing the same uniform that the Broncos do when they take the field on game days.

The Pro Combat line has gotten plenty of praise in the past few years, but this is the first time that the company has outfitted the might Broncos. While performance and on-field domination aren't related to the uniforms, the sleek looks are. When Chris Peterson's team takes the field, each player commands attention. Just look at these photos - it's not hard to see why.

Boise State Pro Combat Uniforms: Home and Away Colors

Boise State Pro Combat Jersey White

The Boise State Broncos typically wear blue uniforms at home games, and white ones when playing away. Granted there are always a few exceptions here and there (who can forget the orange pants the players wore a few years ago at a home game?), but by and large, the blue and white color schemes for home and away games are pretty solid.

It makes sense, then, that if you're looking to pick up your own Pro Combat BSU jersey, you might want to figure out if you're going to root for the team while it's playing at home at Bronco Stadium or while it's out pummeling opponents on their own fields.

Also, Bronco Stadium typically choreographs colors for each stadium section, so even if you're cheering the team at home, your bleacher section might not be designated "white."

What Makes Pro Combat So Unique?

The Pro Combat line of football jerseys is the latest, high-tech stylings from Nike. First used for the University of Oregon (Phil Knight is, afterall, a Duck alumni), the company has approached several other powerhouse football programs - the Broncos being one of them. While it will probably never be disclosed how much the school pays for the players' jerseys (are they donated? are they purchased? does it constitute advertising), the point is that Nike is more than happy putting their name brand on some of the countries most visible football teams.

But this is a symbiotic relationship. The tradeoff to wearing a Nike brand on the field is that the players are outfitted in fully breathable, stretchy and great looking gear. These jerseys are made from the most advanced materials that allow the players to "breathe," yet still cling tightly to their bodies. Anybody who has every played football knows that baggy jerseys are easy to grab hold of, which makes you easier to tackle and block. In the world of college sports, you don't want that!

The Ultimate Fan Jersey

If you're looking for the ultimate gear to root your favorite team on - and want to be as authentic as possible, your best bet is a Boise State Pro Combat Jersey.