Uniquely decorative, bolster pillows are an excellent choice to spruce up the look of your bed, couch, or even chairs around your home. Yet, they are a very functional pillow, too, with some excellent benefits for your health and well-being. Here you'll learn more about bolster pillows, read about many of those benefits, and get an idea of the prices you'll find in stores.

Bolster Pillows: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Navy And White Hotel Collection Bolster PillowThey're tubular and long. They even resemble a log more than a pillow, yet bolster pillows can add a whole lot of personality to whatever look you are creating in your home. These pillows come in many styles and are excellent ways to break up a monotony of square pillows, whether on your bed, on your couch, or any other seating area. If you're looking to layer pillows in your home for a dramatic effect, you're going to need a few bolster pillows to create some tension in the design. They really do add a sophisticated look to a room. These pillows though, aren't just unique and pretty to look at. They're actually very functional as well, with some real wellness benefits.

Bolster Pillow Benefits

Easy to hug

The Chinese refer to bolster pillows with a word that technically means "hugging pillow", and there are few more apt ways of thinking about the unique tubular design of these home decorations. Many people like to hug something in their sleep. It gives them a sense of comfort and security, and the cylindrical design of bolster pillows makes them uniquely suited for this purpose. They are very huggable.

Lower back support

Harbor House Island Grove Bolster Pillow

A bolster pillow is an excellent tool for those who suffer from lower back pain and discomfort. It can be placed easily behind or under you to support a better posture. It's round shape makes it so the pillow doesn't lose its form in the way a normal pillow would. And there are no strange edges (or even zippers) that may bother some. It's the perfect shape to help you.

Neck support

The curved shape of a bolster pillow is also a perfect solution to help with neck tension and minor pain. You can use the pillow to stretch your neck, allowing you to relax quicker and, in effect, sleep more soundly.

The perfect bed prop

Throw a bolster pillow under your normal pillows and you've got a great bed prop. You'll be at a better angle to enjoy some TV, read a book, or talk with your loved one.

A great yoga tool 

Especially if you are just beginning, bolster pillows can help you reach your potential. They can act as props to help you get deeper into a stretch, so you can achieve greater flexibility.

Bolster Pillow Prices

Harbor House Pyrenees Bolster PillowMany bolster pillow varieties range from a very affordable $20 to $35, but some more decorative and name brand versions can range over $100. These are definitely of high quality, both in the pillow itself and the pillow cover design. If you are looking for a bolster pillow without a cover, you can find many types for $10 to $15.

You'll find your bolster pillows offer a unique mix of design and function to your home. They definitely add some depth to a collection of pillows, and you can use them to help comfort many aches and pains. In this way, they are a decorative pillow must.