With all the hype about E-Bay's price increases over the past few years and the unwanted changes that have risen, why not look for a better alternative? Here are some good reasons to take a look at Bonanza.

 1. Easy Navigation- Bonanza is very user friendly. It is made very simple and convenient for the user. It is even easy on the eyes, meaning the pages are laid out simply to navigate easy. There is nothing that is complicated.

2. You can upload your feedback from E-bay to Bonanza. What a great asset this is. You don’t even have to worry about building all that positive feedback up at another site. Wow, this is such a great benefit and so easy to do.  You can update it as well.

3. You can export items right from E-Bay, an excellent feature for those who want to do both.

4. All posted items are posted for free. It does not cost you one penny to place an item in your “booth” up for sale. You can upload about 4 pictures. That doesn’t cost you anything either. It can stay up as long as you like and you will not be charged unless it sells. I should mention that this is not an auction system like E-Bay but a direct Buyitnow type price.

5.  Bonanza has reasonable selling fees. You will pay a onetime fee when an item is sold.

6. Free store fronts. Since E-Bay charges for a store and also for the BuyItNow feature, it’s really refreshing to find a place that does not.

7. Friendly administrators and community. Here is a place where you can hang your hat. The (admin) on Bonanza are helpful which is a plus! The community at Bonanza is very nice as well.

8.  I have tested a few other sites that claim to be great places to sell your items.  One of the things that is a big turnoff right away for me is, page loading. I have no problem with Bonanza! The site is awesome.

9. Front page layout- This is a personal thing for me. Bonanza has this thing with their front page going on that I think is fantastic. Maybe it’s because I am into art, but it’s very unique what they do. They do each front page by color or theme.  It is called Bonanza showcase. They have several going on at one time so when you go out and come back it will be different. If you click the front page Bonanza Logo, you can view each one of them.

It may be done in all green or red but it is themed and it seems very methodic.  The community is actually involved in choosing the themes I understand and if you are a premiere member you can submit photos for the front page themes.

10. About the selling on Bonanza, the traffic is not as much as E-bay of course, at least not yet.  Traffic is rapidly increasing as well as sales. It is not E-Bay but that is not to say it will not have the traffic of E-Bay someday.  The way I look at it is: what have you got to lose!


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